Why Faith and Character Matter

Putting Faith in Action: Our Strategy for 252 Curriculum   I remember a children’s organization asking a strange question several years ago in a survey they did with parents. “Would you rather us teach your kids about God or character?” The question seemed oddly leading. I simply wrote into the margin,   “I would like […]

Where Did You See God Today?

Where did you see God today?

Where did you see God today? That’s this year’s annual focus. We want middle and high schoolers to see God in their lives to develop an everyday faith.

Kick Off the New Year with New Faith Habits


As we begin a new year, we’re hoping 2021 will look a lot different than what 2020 looked like. But even if it doesn’t, even though there’s still uncertainty, one of the things we’re absolutely sure of is that we need to do everything we can to help reengage kids and their relationship with God. […]

How Faith Changes for Kindergarten and First Graders

5 Way to Recruit Kids Volunteers

The shift from preschool to kindergarten might not be as dramatic as some of the other periods of transition, but it’s just as important. These are the years in which kids are developing the foundations of their faith–so, it’s vital to recognize what they might be experiencing. 

A Dynamic View of God: Helping Kids Connect with God at Every Phase

A Dynamic View of God: Helping Kids Connect with God at Every Phase

Imagine going to a U2 concert with a group of toddlers. Or buying tickets to see Yo Gabba Gabba with a middle school group. Or watching Barry Manilow with all 3rd-grade boys. Hopefully, you’ve never done any of these things. Musicians, even great musicians, play for a specific audience. Not everyone relates to country music, […]

God Is like a Balloon

God Is like a Balloon

Maybe God is like a balloon. There are two ways to think about thinking. Maybe that sounds too philosophical to be practical, but it may be the most critical idea when it comes to how a kid relates to God. It’s also just one more thing that separates humans from the rest of creation. Animals […]

The 3 Elements of Every Phase

Every phase has its own significant relationship, present realities, and distinctive opportunities. So we have to pay attention. We have to do our homework. We have to show up consistently. We have to rally the church to know the kids matter at every phase.