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Where Did You See God Today?

Where did you see God today? That's this year's annual focus. We want middle and high schoolers to see God in their lives to develop an everyday faith.
Where did you see God today?

As middle and high school leaders, we are constantly being asked questions! We get dozens of questions each week from students about life and faith. That’s why we want to be strategic about the questions we ask them. One of the questions we want you to get used to asking this year is this:


Where did you see God today?


We call this question our annual focus. You will see this question show up in our messages, small group conversations, and devotionals. We believe this will help middle and high schoolers learn to see God all around them. 


We want students to see God in their everyday lives. 


You and I both know that God is everywhere. He’s always working for our good. As ministry leaders, we want our middle and high schoolers to know this as fact, too. The annual focus “Where did you see God today?” will equip this generation of kids to see God in nature, stories, conversations with other followers of Jesus, everywhere! When students become aware of where God is working in their everyday lives, they will come to know Him even better.  


Let’s be real, though. Sometimes, that question is easy to answer. There are times in our lives when seeing God is easy. In a beautiful sunset or a heartwarming moment, it’s not hard to find God at work. When life is good and when things work out, it’s easy to thank God for being there! 


But sometimes, it’s hard to answer that question. In times of chaos, stress, injustice, brokenness, or family troubles, it’s harder to see God at work. But that doesn’t mean God isn’t there. We want our middle and high schoolers to know that God is always working for our good. They can’t miss that. 


Ways to Help Students See God Everyday


So, how can we practically help students see God in their everyday lives? One way is to encourage them to look for fruits of God’s spirit around them.


You can ask, “Where did you see love, peace, or joy today?”


This way, they will have an opportunity to think back to specific moments in their week that they saw God’s work in action. 


It is also important to ask, “Where did you see God today?” repeatedly so they get used to looking for God around them. When they hear it asked over and over, they will become more aware of Him throughout the day. 


Through this annual focus, we hope your middle and high schoolers will develop a deeper relationship with God. In turn, we pray that this will help them engage in their own faith every single day.

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