Make your time with each age count

Phase delivers innovative developmental learning to help you make the most of each week in a kid’s life. 

Developmental science is in our DNA

We’re helping ministry leaders create better experiences for kids and teenager through innovative research, and practical resources.   

The Phase Project delivered a collaborative, ongoing effort assembling classical and innovative child development research. It synthesized hundreds hours of research from educators, counselors, and family ministry experts. The result is a wildly practical set of applications for parents and leaders. 

You’ll see Phase show up in Orange curriculum, resources, and our complete guide It’s Just A Phase: Why Every Life Stage of A Kid Matters

One strategy powering innovative learning

The Phase Project isn’t a one time study. It’s a dynamic and on-going conversation and commitment to leveraging the power of developmental science in many practical ways. 


A more engaging curriculum, powered by Phase

Start engaging kids in a more developmentally relevant way. Phase is our not-so-secret ingredient for delivering relevant truth in a way that kids and teens can understand and apply to their daily lives. 

parent cue app

Helping parents understand their kid

The Parent Cue App, alongside parent resources in Orange curriculum elevates a parent’s understanding of the unique life stage of their kid with cues, context, and practical ideas.


Enable better conversations at every Phase

An easy to use guide with best practices, prompts, and language to help conversations at every agee matter more.

Get the complete guide

It's Just a Phase - So Don't Miss It: Why Every Life Stage of a Kid Matters

Get the essential guidebook for how to understand

 and apply what we know about each age group.