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what we do

We influence those who influence the faith and future of the next generation.

As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit we work to achieve this mission through our partnership with two primary influences: the church and the home.

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Orange aligns the church and the family.

Church and Home Logo, Showing Overlap Between Faith at Church, and Faith At Home
The Orange Strategy aligns leaders and parents to create community around a timeless message that mobilizes the next generation to love God and serve others.


What if what you do every week was connected to a comprehensive strategy? We help you go beyond a weekly service into a more engaging ministry strategy that aligns the voices in every student or kid’s life and leads them into deeper faith.


When you engage every parent and caregiver at home, you help support the primary faith influence in a kids life. With Orange, you can connect strategically with parents and help every family have a richer faith experience.

what we offer

Ministry strategy, delivered
through innovative resources

Smiling kids in a children's ministry environment

birth - graduation


Join thousands of churches who have partnered with the Orange strategy and curriculum. Discover an engaging and strategic approach to weekly curriculum that addresses the needs and interests kids and teens experience as they develop.

Over a decade of innovative ministry strategy

Since Orange began in 1995 as Family Wise, Inc we’ve been supporting families and ministry leaders with training, resources, and ideas.

FamilyWise, Inc. - a division of reThink Group launches FamilyTimes™ - a monthly subscription box to help parents disciple their kids at morning time, drive time, mealtime, and bedtime. (The Braves won the World Series.)
252 Kids Curriculum launches as the first online ministry curriculum—emphasizing the 36 virtues from FamilyTimes.
ORANGE became the word to describe a Home + Church strategy for discipleship
XP3 Youth Ministry Curriculum launches to complete Orange’s comprehensive birth - graduation curriculum strategy.
Orange releases the book Think Orange to clarify the five values of a next generation focused ministry
FamilyTimes™ subscription box goes through a rebrand and becomes Parent Cue. The team launches a new website and free app to deliver discipleship content directly to parents
The Parent Cue app updates, with over 8K lifetime downloads to continue delivering discipleship content to parents.
Orange releases the findings of an extended research initiative in the landmark ministry publication, “It’s Just a Phase”
After twenty years of new, monthly Parenting Matters Audio Episodes, the team migrates into the world of podcasting with Parent Cue Live
Orange Conference celebrates its first decade
252 Kids releases the Bible Story video series So & So Show as an innovative feature of the new preteen strategy
Parent Cue launches the third iteration of Parent Cue App, free for parents and customizable for ministry leaders. (Oh, and the Braves won the World Series again!)
Family Wise, Inc launched Core Essentials Values to provide Character Development content to elementary schools.
First Look Preschool Curriculum Launches, and Ollie the Owl is born!
The First Annual Orange Conference invites kid’s ministry and youth ministry leaders to Atlanta, GA with the theme “Get Louder”.
The First Orange Tour regional training goes to 14 cities nation-wide, and Orange opens its first official office space for 32 employees
Orange’s distinctive answer to personal ministry support, then called a “Partner Development Director” rebrands as “Orange Specialist”
Orange launches a publication department with two new books - including the best-selling volunteer book “Lead Small”
Building on the momentum from the Lead Small volunteer book, Lead Small becomes an app to support every volunteer who works with kids and teenagers
XP3 Middle School launches and ministry leaders everywhere discover new tools for middle school ministry
252 Kids launches a brand new curriculum designed exclusively for Preteens
Parent Cue releases 18 “Phase Guides” to help parents become more intentional at every phase of their kid’s life.
Orange Membership subscription launches - a program to help leaders access practical ministry resources for every non-curriculum ministry need
Orange and Parent Cue both launch digital training offerings through masterclass style courses, connecting ministry leaders and parents to on-demand ministry and parenting education.