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Orange Specialists

Meet your personal ministry guide

Experience personalized support and coaching with every Orange curriculum subscription.

No one should have to do ministry alone

Whether you’re trying to get the most from your Orange curriculum, grow your ministry, or overcome challenges in your unique context, Orange Specialists offer personal support each step of the way.

What is an Orange Specialist?

An Orange Specialist is a ministry coach, consultant, pastoral counselor, and ministry strategist. Your specialist is introduced to you when you purchase First Look Preschool, 252 Kids, or XP3 Youth Ministry curriculum. Each of our Orange Specialists has spent over a decade in the trenches of kid and student ministry, and is now connected to hundreds of churches implementing Orange strategies.

So whatever you’re going through, they probably get it. Learn more about how an Orange Specialist can help you.

Connect to a bigger ministry world. Discover two powerful methods of energizing your ministry leadership.

1 : one on one

Connect with a Specialist 1 on 1.

Your OS is just a phone call or email away with conversational coaching, consultation, and support.


Collaborate with other leaders.

Experience Roundtable discussion with other ministry leaders who do what you do, hosted on Zoom by your OS.

A Few of Our Friends

New to Orange? Don’t know where to start? Connect with your Orange Specialist!!! My OS is phenomenal! I never hesitate to reach out if I’m in need of assistance or have a question in reference to ministry, parents, volunteers or just an ear to listen. She is a just zoom or phone call away. 

April 2022

My Orange Specialist not only helped me understand and navigate XP3 curriculum and how it would work in our context, but she also helped me be seen, understood & encouraged as a leader. I got off the phone that day feeling 10 times more confident than when I got on. 

April 2022

I’m in my first year of full-time student ministry and being connected to an Orange Specialist has helped me think through a lot of the things that I need to do in my role at my church. Candice does a wonderful job facilitating conversation within our roundtables and her availability outside of those moments have brought a lot of value to me in my role as well.

April 2022

My Orange Specialist is like having a team member who understands my ministry, a mentor who has been there, a partner who has fresh ideas, a friend who is there to cheer me on, and a specialist with the life line I need!

April 2022

How can we help?

Every Specialist leverages over 10 years of experience to provide support tailored to your needs and ministry.

New to Orange? Just starting out in ministry? We help you break down the essentials of Orange strategy and how you can create bigger impact in your ministry.

We love talking about volunteers! We’re bringing years of experience recruiting and retaining volunteers, plus—bringing you new and innovative insights and ideas from the leaders we talk to each month.

Leaders who understand how to engage every parent help create a bigger impact on the faith and future of a kid or student. We’re helping you navigate how to bridge the gap between the church and the home.  

Whether you’re processing a new change, or preparing to make one—we’ll help you think through and respond to big changes. Whatever they look like! 

Ministry is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. We’re bringing years of experience, but maybe more importantly an ear to listen.  

Every ministry is unique. We’re here to chat through it all. 

Our Process

Get connected. Lead well.

1 : Connect

Connect with your Specialist.

2 : Schedule

Set a meeting time that works for you.

3 : Grow

Activate your full ministry potential.

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