Below are our recommendations on best practices as you’re downloading the curriculum:

• Chrome is our recommended browser (this is what you use to access the internet).
• Choose a wifi provider that can offer 10 Mbps or greater wifi speed (you can do a speed test here: speedtest.net)
• Use a computer that has been purchased within the past 5 years and is running a 64-bit system (your IT guy/gal can give you additional details on what your specific computer is currently running).

You can locate any receipts for purchases made by selecting “My Account” at the top center of the page and by then clicking on the Orders tab.


You can access your curriculum and other downloads in the top left of the page after you log in, under “My Dashboard.”

We do not yet offer an autoship option. We are currently updating our system to provide autoship, recurring billing, and subscription options to you in the future!

We’re so glad you’re renewing. Simply hover on the Shop Curriculum tab on the Store side of the site, select the curriculum you’d like to renew and you’ll be walked through that process.

Please ensure you’ve joined your church using the “Join Organization” tab and that your church name and address are populated in the “Select Church” field. Once you’ve joined your organization, the Submit Order tab will appear.

“You can manage the users on your account using the info below.

1. Click on My Account
2. Click on Churches and Team Management
3. Click on Manage Team
4. Select the curriculum you want the person to be added to.
5. Add email of the new member in the “add a team member”, and click “Invite ***** to the team”
6. The person you invited will then receive an invitation. As the administrator, you will not be able to do anything until the person you invited takes action from the email that was sent.
7. If they already have an account, that team member can sign in at store.thinkorange.com and then select “”Accept Your Invitation”” from the email they received.
8. If they do NOT already have an account they can Sign Up at store.thinkorange.com and then click on “Accept your invitation” from the email they received. Be sure to also have them join your organization during this process.
9. Once they’ve accepted and joined your organization, please go to add them one more time and select their name from the offered options. Be sure to add them to each license they need to access by clicking on the appropriate license in the dropdown menu.”

All of your expiration dates are listed in red under each specific curriculum tab.

Sign in to your account and select My Dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “Add Media Package” to the right of your curriculum license (please note that if you use Safari, you’ll want to switch to Chrome to add this resource). That license will then pro-rate to fit the remainder of your curriculum license.

Once you’re signed in to your account, click on My Account from the top/center of the page. You’ll be able to update your password or email address there.

Our Partner Support team is happy to help make these updates for you. Please give us a call at 866.343.4874.

You’ll have access to all of your purchased content within 15 minutes of placing your order.

We sure do! We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser.


We offer an array of shipping options as part of the checkout process. Please keep in mind that only our overnight and FedEx 2 day options are guaranteed. Every other option is an estimated time frame. Orders will typically ship within 24 hours after the order is placed.

We only charge sales tax on orders placed by GA residents. If you’re lucky enough to live in Georgia, you can thank the state for that charge! For more details visit www.Georgia.gov

We truly appreciate your order. However, we don’t accept returns unless the product ordered is defective.

You will be provided a tracking number via email once your item has shipped. You can also locate this tracking information in your order details under your account.

We do offer quantity bulk discounts on all Orange Books (listed in the page for each item); however, we may be able to offer additional savings to book stores and distributors. Please contact wholesale@rethinkgroup.org for additional details regarding setting up an Orange retailer account.

You can purchase any of our standalone video products using the steps below.

  1. Under “resources” in the upper right-hand corner of the page, select Curriculum & Monthly Resources under the age group you’d like to purchase the product for.
  2. Select the video you would like to purchase.
    Select One Time Purchase (if you would like a subscription, consider adding the media package to your curriculum license)
  3. Select Digital (download) or Physical (dvd).
  4. Select Monthly or Yearly.
  5. Select the month you would like to purchase and add the item to your cart to complete checkout.

Log in at store.thinkorange.com and select “My Dashboard” then “Other Downloads.”

Not at this time. Both licenses must align in the tier selected.