A Complete Middle & High School Ministry Curriculum & Strategy


Influence the faith and future of teenagers.

As a youth ministry leader, you want your teenagers to grow up making wiser choices, building stronger relationships, and developing a deeper faith. 

XP3 Middle School & High School curriculum combines child development and theology to create a comprehensive youth ministry curriculum and strategy.

Each Teenager

XP3 combines child development and theology to create a powerful strategy that meets kids where they are and inspires them to develop a deeper faith.

Your Volunteers

Your volunteers are the most valuable resource to help kids see and know God. Invest and develop your small group leaders each week with recruitment and training resources.

Scope & Cycle

Annual Teaching Plan

Align your weekly teaching with the rhythms of a family’s life from the start of school through the fun of summer! The scope & cycle helps you communicate a cohesive vision to your parents, small group leaders, and senior leadership.

Discover the monthly big ideas, themes, virtues, and bottom lines for your ministry.

Middle School Curriculum
High School Curriculum

What's Included

Everything You Need for Your Weekly Programming

Teaching Materials

Weekly teaching materials to allow you to communicate to students in an engaging way.

  • Teaching Scripts
  • Interactives
  • XP (Experience Piece)
  • Customizable Series Graphics
Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials

Weekly teaching materials to allow you to communicate to students in an engaging way.

  • Teaching Scripts
  • Interactives
  • XP (Experience Piece)
  • Customizable Series Graphics

Curriculum Overview Guides

XP3 comes with these guides so everyone on your team gets a unified message and you don’t have to write it, saving you time! Guides that are included in the curriculum: 

  • Ministry Leader Guide
  • Communicator Guide
  • Small Group Leader Guide
  • Social Media Guide
  • Worship Leader Guide

Small Group Plans

It’s through small groups that we can give students someone (a small group leader) who knows them, and a place (a small group) where they belong. Here is how we equip small group leaders on our small group leader guides:

  • Discussion Questions
  • Small Group Activity
  • Think About This

Parent & Home Resources

The impact will be greater when the church and family partner with a shared strategy to influence their children’s hearts. Use the home resources to continue the conversation throughout the week with parents and kids.

  • Parent Cue App
  • Parent Cues created just for parents of middle schoolers and high schoolers, that tells parents what you’re teaching, gives them something to think about that relates to what you’re teaching and challenges them to take one step toward putting it into practice.
  • Email Communication: HTML file templates that can be loaded into an email management system like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Social Media & Email

Connecting with teenagers digitally just got easier with a complete social media plan. The plan includes a step-by-step posting guide, graphics, video, and captions. This takes the stress out of planning and designing your digital content strategy by providing 3-4 engaging posts weekly while still allowing flexibility for you to post additional content unique to your ministry.

  • Social Media Plan w/ images & captions
  • Email and Communication Plan

Student Devotionals

XP3 comes with daily student devotionals that correspond with the focus of each series and feature a verse or a short passage of scripture, and a brief prompt designed to engage your students in thinking about the way that that verse might apply to their lives. Ways to access the daily devotionals:

  • Printable PDF
  • YouVersion Bible App

Volunteer Resources

Complete volunteer development plan to help you recruit, train, and retain leaders.

  • Volunteer Training Curriculum
  • Seasonal Volunteer Appreciation Materials
  • Monthly Vision Casting Plan

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Built to compliment your favorite ministry tools.

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Media Package

Innovative Media for More Engagement

Enhance your youth ministry program with our add-on media package! It features a versatile video solution to bring the weekly message to life, along with additional engaging content.

Middle School Teaching Video

Middle School Teaching Video

High School Teaching Video

High School Teaching Video

Two curriculums. One Strategy.

Middle schoolers and high schoolers are unique. Their curriculum should be too.  Each curriculum distinctly leverages opportunities to engage teenagers in each of their phases of development. Important truths are packaged in the most age-appropriate ways to allow for the greatest possibility for understanding an application in their real lives. 

Middle School

In the middle school years, a preteens begin to personalize and own their faith. XP3 Middle School Curriculum helps you break down concepts for your middle schoolers as they navigate the challenging transition from childhood to adolescence.

High School

In the high school years, teenagers deepend and personalize their faith. XP3 High School Curriculum helps your students navigate the unique challenges of high schoolers in a way that will stick with them long after they graduate.

Orange Specialists

No one should do ministry alone.
Get personalized coaching every step of the way.

XP3 curriculum includes access to weekly support through your very own Orange Specialist—a certified ministry coach dedicated to help you win with curriculum and lead your ministry all year long.

We use both the HS and the MS curriculum. I love how it's age appropriate for each phase.

Brazos Pointe Kids
Heather Mahoney
"We 🧡 Orange. You totally set us up to succeed. From the graphics & bumper vides to the curriculum, games, and small group questions. XP3 makes it possible for me to lead, teach, and connect so well. My team is informed and invested in and I'm able to spend more time building relationships because of all you offer! Thanks for your investment in the church. We're so grateful!!"
Sonia Cunningham
"I love the breakdown of XP3, definitely helps me prepare as a small group leader to help connect with the students. I love that YouVersion also has the Bible plans to go along with it!"
Ryan Pennington
“XP3 helps me win by saving me SO MUCH TIME when it comes to writing curriculum, developing meaningful questions for small groups, etc. XP3 allows me to be more generous with my time in the ways that matter most: investing in my small group leaders, students, and families. To be honest, I was hesitant to use XP3 5 years ago, but I'm glad I gave it a try. I am NEVER going back to feeling like I have to create my own stuff. ”

Build a stronger strategy—try a month of curriculum for free.