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Curriculum Features
An Orange Specialist to help you win every week
Large Group Teaching Script & Outline
Small Group Discussion Guide & Leader Email
Series Graphics
Parent Resources
XPs (Application Activity for Students)
YouVersion Devotionals
Parent Cue App Integration
Lead Small App Integration
Worship Song Suggestions
Social Media Images
Social Media Guide
Teaching Slides
Game Graphics
Set Design and Background Playlists
Bumper Video & Motion Loop Video
Worship Leader Guide & Teaching Audio
Ministry Leader To-Do & Shopping Lists

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You know how important youth ministry is — that’s why you signed up for this gig. As the youth pastor, you care about the faith and future of teenagers, and you know the unique opportunity this phase presents to make a huge impact on their lives. 

Download the pitch kit below and help the leaders in your organization understand what you do, why you do it,  when you teach core concepts, how to prioritize youth ministry, and where to invest in it financially.

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Thanks for making programming easier. The tools and resources that they make available to help us teach kids about God and his love for us are world class!

John J Lawless Jr
Jody Shelton
"I can’t imagine doing ministry without Orange as a partner! They allow us to minister to families and kids and take care of all the details and make us shine each week! I love the monthly themes and the flexibility you have with how you share the gospel any week!"
Susan Bishara
"I am coming from a public school teacher turned kid min. perspective and the Orange curriculum is engaging, current, and interactive! Our kids love it."
Sue Miller, Author and Children’s Ministry Expert
“I’ve consulted with churches across the country about how to improve the effectiveness of their children’s ministry. Let me tell you, the Orange strategy works.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Price is based on your church size, student count, if you want the basics or all the bells and whistles, if you want 24 or 48 weeks of curriculum, and if there’s any add-ons that can help you. The best way to find your price is to head to the Orange Store and click Get Started to evaluate pricing. 

P.S. If you bundle our High School and Middle School youth ministry curriculum together, you get a big discount on the second curriculum! 

There are alot of different options depending on your context! Both XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School are fully customizable so you can contextualize either to make it work in your environment.

Learn more and discover how to use Orange curriculum with a combined group of students.

Try both free, and see which might work better for your students. 

Of course not! Some partners love using our teaching plan (scope & cycle), so they aim to follow our suggested teaching dates. Others build their own scope & cycle, so they choose to fit our teaching content whenever it works best for them and their strategy. 

Even though we release curriculum quarterly, we still want you to be strategic and able to plan things out! We work from a 3-year scope & cycle that is updated each year so you’ll always have an idea of what’s coming up. To learn more and view the Scope & Cycle, click here!

If you choose the COMPLETE package, your license will cover 48 weeks of content, released quarterly (12 weeks of content each season).

If you choose the SUPPLEMENTAL package, your license will cover 24 weeks of content, released quarterly (6 weeks of content each season).

We always strive to be biblically and theologically sound. But we also go one step further to consider and practice the importance of being developmentally appropriate. There are a lot of differences between an 11th grader and an 8th grader, so shouldn’t the way we lead and talk to them be different too? 

Each distinct curriculum is crafted from the ground up by a community of people who love and understand that age group! Ministry leaders, educators, child development experts, counselors, all work together to produce curriculum that reaches students where they are.

Of course! Click here to enter your email and get send a your free series from XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School.

Both! Our writers, contributors, and community are from all different types of contexts–just like our curriculum partners! Small church, big church, rural, urban, with different program formats and unique challenges. XP3 is written so that either way, you have all the tools you need to lead a great weekly program. 

XP3 components are structured with seven parts of your program in mind. Those segments include story (teaching), groups (small groups), worship, social (games), prelude (pre-service), and home. While our strategy works best with at least a large group teaching time and small groups, if you have any combination of those seven segments, XP3 can work for you! 

In order to share video content via a channel, page, or website that is public and not password-protected, you will need to purchase an Enhanced Licensing Agreement for each specific curriculum that you use (XP3 Middle School, and/or XP3 High School).
This Enhanced Licensing Agreement will allow you to legally post, share, and stream content found in your curriculum and/or media package subscription to a public church-branded website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. 

There are a few things you can do to best begin implementation:

  1. Head to our orientation page here. Not only are there videos for all things XP3 MS & XP3 HS, but also some videos & resources on the Orange Strategy as a whole.
  2. Your Orange Specialist (OS) would LOVE to learn your context & have this conversation with you. Your OS is essentially a free coach that comes along with your partnership at Orange. Find out who yours would be at
  3. Join our Orange Students facebook group to learn from other Orange thinkers & leaders.

Due to trips, parties, holidays, summers & local church calendars, most student ministries do not meet all 52 weeks out of the year. So, we have gap weeks once each season that normally fall on the week closest to the following holidays:

  • Fall: Labor Day
  • Winter: Christmas Day
  • Spring: President’s Day
  • Summer: Independence Day

Click here to learn more about the gap weeks and what you could do instead. 

XP3 best fits during your program that has the most energy, highest attendance & greater likelihood for guests & friends to visit. If you have a second program through the week with a smaller, more committed crowd, the Faith Skills Experience Kit would be perfect for that setting.

Learn more about the strategy behind the Faith Skills Experience Kit here

To stay as relevant & fresh as possible, we release our content seasonally: Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer. Depending on when you choose to start your curriculum access during purchase, you will have immediate access to either 1 or 2 seasons worth of content.

Each season comes with 12 weeks of curriculum, and is released 2 months before it’s set to be taught according to our suggested teaching dates. 

  • Our FALL SEASON covers Aug, Sept & Oct. It is released on June 1st.
  • Our WINTER SEASON covers Nov, Dec & Jan. It is released on Sept 1st.
  • Our SPRING SEASON covers Feb, March & April. It is released on Dec 1st.
  • Our SUMMER SEASON covers May, June & July. It is released on March 1st.

Unfortunately, because XP3 is best designed to fit in a larger strategy, is only sold in subscription form.

XP3 represents the 3 relationships mentioned in the greatest commandment. God, self, others. Everything we do is organized through these 3 relationships we want students to experience.  We want students to experience a love for God that will inspire deeper faith, a love for themselves that will lead to wiser choices and a love for others that will build stronger relationships. Head here for more.

Teaching videos must be selected as an “Add-On” during the curriculum purchase. Teaching videos deliver XP3 content in an engaging and fresh way. They’re great if you can’t teach every week, don’t have a developed team of communicators, need to split your group across multiple locations, or need a flexible solution to teach your students. To purchase, select “Teaching Videos” from the Media Package dropdown menu during purchase.

Yes! We are happy to offer XP3 curriculum in Spanish! You can check it out and purchase it here.

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