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Explore the 2024 – 2025 Orange Curriculum Scope & Cycle and build a more strategic approach to what you teach in your ministry every year. 

Get a comprehensive plan that prioritizes what you teach and when.

What if you knew exactly what you would be teaching in your family ministry and when you would be teaching it? You could plan further in advance with a strategy in mind, stop wondering what you’ll teach next week, and shop themed decorations ahead of time.

With Orange’s First Look, 252 Kids & Preteen, and XP3 Middle School and High School Curriculum, you get a teaching roadmap for your ministry that synchronizes with the rhythms of a family’s life from the start of school through the fun of summer.

Explore The Plan for the year

Discover how each phase tells the story of this year's big ideas, themes, virtues, and bottom lines.

First Look Preschool

In the preschool years, a child will form their first impression of God’s love and learn that:

  • God made them.
  • God loves them.
  • Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

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252 Kids Elementary and Preteen

In the elementary years, a child will grow in wisdom, faith, friendship and learn to:

  • Make the wise choice.
  • Trust God no matter what.
  • Treat others the way they want to be treated.

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XP3 Middle School

In the middle school years, a teenager will begin to personalize and own their own faith and learn to:

  • Follow Jesus because he knows them best.
  • Love God because he never stops loving them.
  • Live out God’s story so others can know who Jesus is.

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XP3 High School

In the high school years, a teenager will deepen and personalize their faith in Christ and understand that:

  • They are created to pursue a relationship with their Creator.
  • They can trust what Jesus did to transform them into who they need to become.
  • They exist to demonstrate God’s love to those around them.

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Get the teaching roadmap for the year and plan with families and volunteers in mind.