Your Annual Teaching Plan Is Here — Meet The New Scope and Cycle 🗺️

Developing a “Be Present” Mindset

Being present is more than just showing up. It’s allowing your few to have a front-row seat to how God is working in your life and family; making the words you share in the circle have flesh outside of the circle.

4 Characteristics of a Potential Small Group Leader

Identifying and recruiting potential small group leaders is one of the most important things we do as pastors and leaders. We are wired to look for people who are immediately ready to lead—people who are mature relationally, developed spiritually, sound theologically, and smart biblically. The problem with that approach is looking for disciples instead of […]

An Experiment in Creating Parent Small Groups

This fall, we launched an experiment as a NextGen team. We’ve been wrestling with what it looks like for us to better partner with parents—to move beyond handouts and to work together. For us this has resulted in a small group experiment. For the past several months, our NextGen staff has been working on a […]

What You Lose When You Widen the Circle

One-on-one connection with kids about their faith is, without a doubt, my favorite part of being a kids’ pastor. It’s within these conversations where I’m given a front-row seat to God’s grace and goodness in their young lives. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are certainly days when getting a child to open up about […]

Are You Using This Toolbox for Leading Small

About five years ago I heard Orange had a new resource that helps train small group leaders, get them their lessons, and connect them with their few all from one phone app. Since I was spending an incredible amount of time every week editing group content, trying to find developmental materials, and trying to make […]

This Ministry Tool Equips and Empowers Small Group Leaders

Years in children’s ministry have taught me to always have an eye out for the best way to help volunteers succeed. Whether it be the way we set up a room, the method information is delivered, or the system of communication used, I am always looking for ways to equip and empower our volunteers. The […]

5 Things Small Group Leaders Need

We were in a quiet monastery in Ohio. I held a book in my hands that became one I’d revisit every year, required reading turned manifesto. It was a small spiritual formation class during my senior year of college. We were few, but the lessons we learned were many. The book we read was called, […]

Equipping Small Group Leaders to Minister to Their Few

Google search the word pastor (I know what you’re thinking: Why would anyone do that?), and the first thing you will find is this definition: “a minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation.” Merriam-Webster’s definition while similar, adds an important component: “a spiritual overseer; especially: a clergyman serving a local church or parish.” […]

The Postcard Challenge

At the beginning of the year, during one of our Sunday morning huddles, I offered every small group leader a simple challenge. I asked each of them to take a couple minutes after all of their kids had left, and get into the habit of writing a postcard to one kid in their small group. […]

Developing the Concepts for Leading Small

When I got my first job as a professional Christian there were two big strangely related tensions in my life. First, and obviously, I had a brand new job in a brand new culture in a brand new “industry.” Secondly, I wanted an iPad. Let me explain. My new job was challenging. My title was […]