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This Ministry Tool Equips and Empowers Small Group Leaders

Years in children’s ministry have taught me to always have an eye out for the best way to help volunteers succeed. Whether it be the way we set up a room, the method information is delivered, or the system of communication used, I am always looking for ways to equip and empower our volunteers.

The Lead Small App is fantastic and is one mighty strong app. Can apps be strong? Well, this one is! The new design is sleek and intuitive for the small group leader (SGL).

Here are three reasons why I love the updated app and how they help our ministry win:

The Lead Small App is a Time Saver!

With the updated app and easy to use layout, you don’t have to copy, collate, staple, and pass out curriculum. And then in my case, it also prevents you having to drive to the other side of town on a Saturday because you forgot to give one of your SGLs their curriculum.

The Lead Small App Empowers SLGs!

With the curriculum in the palm of the SGL’s hands they can marinate in it like a fine cut of steak. Stay with me here . . . just like steak needs to sit in juices and spices to taste its best, our SGLs need to sit in their lesson and think on it over time. By them having the content in their hands they can read through it on Monday. On Tuesday at their lunch break they can read through it again. Thursday comes and they can practice it out loud. Friday, they open the app and read important information we have set in the “news section.” You see, every day they can spend time reading and marinating on the lesson. Sunday comes and they are well prepared Small Group Leaders.

The Lead Small App Makes It Personal!

With SGLs having access to the lesson all week and letting it marinate, they are also able to make it personal. I don’t know about you, but many times the Lord will bring stories or memories I can share that fits the Bottom Line when I prepare early. When I go over my lesson the night before, I often don’t have time to make it personal. Part of our job as SGLs is to make it personal when appropriate. When we make it personal it pulls kids into making what you say, real.

I am thankful for the Lead Small app and how it equips and empowers SGLs!

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