Planning a Fun, Restful Summer

In summertime, the speed of your ministry takes a different pace. Check out these ideas for your nextgen ministries to make it a fun summer for everyone!

A Family-Centered Christmas for Your Community

Christmas Event

To make your Christmas meaningful for the families in your community, check out these resources for your ministries! The list includes Jingle Jam FX, Advent Experience Box, and more!

A Christmas Event for Your Community

Christmas Event for the Family

Christmastime is the time that most families look for an experience they can enjoy together. Whether it’s driving through neighborhoods to see the lights or grabbing a mug of hot chocolate, families want to create memories that last! But rather than throwing a random Christmas event for families to enjoy this holiday season, what if […]

What is FX and Why Should My Church Plan Them?

Before we start, I’d like to ask a couple of questions. Do you . . . believe that families with elementary aged kids are important to the church community? think that the major moral influence in a kid’s life is from parents? believe that a local church should do all they can to encourage and […]

3 Easy Ways to Impact a Middle Schooler’s Identity and Faith

11, 12, 13. These are the awkward years. You remember, right? Greasy hair, frizzy hair, don’t care. Weight gain and weight loss. You feel like an adult but everyone treats you like a kid. Life for a middle schooler is rough. Forget trying to figure out who you are in Christ. Preteens are hanging onto […]