A Christmas Event for Your Community

Christmas Event for the Family

Christmastime is the time that most families look for an experience they can enjoy together. Whether it’s driving through neighborhoods to see the lights or grabbing a mug of hot chocolate, families want to create memories that last!

But rather than throwing a random Christmas event for families to enjoy this holiday season, what if you were strategic with it? This year, Jingle Jam Light Show is a Family Experience, or FX, that will strategically create an experience to share the Christmas story with families while making a fun memory for everyone.

FX Jingle Jam: A Fun Christmas Event for the Family

When people think of family experiences, many think of Disney World. A place that was designed for both parents and kids to enjoy together. When my family went to Disney, my son wanted to visit Star Wars Land while my daughter wanted to experience the princess magic. We had to compromise parts of the day to cater to both interests.

But the one thing that brought all of us together during the day were the parades. Much like the parades at Disney, FX gives ministry leaders a chance to bring families together! And what better time to bring families together than for a Christmas event? Here are just a few ways Jingle Jam will help bring your families together this season.

It gets parents on the same page. 

Jingle Jam (and all of our FX events) is a short, strategic, interactive, and fun family  Christmas event that creates moments where parents and kids can participate together. Not only that, but it is also a practical expression of partnering with parents.

Beyond a take-home resource, Jingle Jam will get parents in the same environment as kids. During the Jingle Jam FX, they will see, hear, and experience the same thing together. This will get parents on the same page as the church, actively experiencing what the ministry and Christmas season is about.

It is timely. 

In general, FX events can be thrown as often as once a week or as little as 2-3 times a year. Major holidays like Christmas are great for our Jingle Jam family experiences. But whenever you decide to host one, the goal is that it makes strategic sense in your ministry calendar.

For example, maybe you want to host an FX every six weeks to discuss a new series, Life App, or Bible Story. Maybe you want to host one during popular times of the year, like Back-to-School or Christmas. FX is not meant to be just “another event,” but an opportunity to partner with parents at just the right time.

It is adjustable to fit your ministry’s context.

Every family in your ministry is different. And so is every ministry. That’s why we give you a strong base to host an FX that can be adjusted to fit your families’ needs. For the  Jingle Jam Christmas event, you get full access to a script, tech sheet, supply list, songs, and more. But remember, you are the last layer of editing! Read through it, beef it up, or scale it down. Whatever matches your ministry in an authentic way.

For Jingle Jam (and all FXs for that matter), we will provide the content. But you provide the context. And no, you do not have to be a large church to throw awesome FX experiences! These can be thrown on any scale.

It’s written by a team of people who get kids and get ministry. 

If we want to bring families together in a way that’s enjoyable for everyone, we need to create experiences that cater to all. At Orange, the team that writes and works on the FX material are leaders with ministry experience and backgrounds in education, production, and theatre. They know how to engage kids and partner with parents. Not only that, but they work alongside the other teams to ensure the experience is top-notch.


Get Jingle Jam for FREE for a Family Christmas Event

We would love for all families to have the experience to get together in a meaningful way. That’s why we are offering Jingle Jam Light Show for FREE, even if you don’t have an Orange subscription. It’s all about lights, inflatables, and Christmas.

As an add-on, the media package allows you to purchase video resources and a robust social media strategy to market this FX event. This package will add an easy finishing touch to an amazing winter event. If your church is throwing a digital FX event, the media package is just what you need. It offers a Jingle Jam Light Show online version that you can post as-is or record with your own leaders!

The bottom line? Families in your community are looking for something memorable to do with one another. Your church can fill that need this Christmas with an FX experience that will be talked about for years to come. If you’re ready to engage families, grab Jingle Jam Light Show for free at jinglejamfx.com.




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