Your Annual Teaching Plan Is Here — Meet The New Scope and Cycle 🗺️

How to Train Every Volunteer Every Month This Year

Volunteers matter more now than ever. And we believe every church needs a simple and effective plan for inspiring and equipping them consistently.
Monthly Volunteer Training Courses

You asked for it, and we delivered.


Volunteers matter more now than ever. And we believe every church needs a simple and effective plan for inspiring and equipping them consistently.


Beginning August 2022, all Orange curriculum subscribers will receive free monthly volunteer training courses for the whole year!* Our team put together some of our favorite ministry minds to develop a plan for training volunteers beyond just one event or one day per year. Each course will focus on the natural rhythms of a volunteer’s year and what we believe they need most each month. 


Here’s what you can expect:


Easy Access


When you log into your Orange Store account, you will see a NEW Volunteer Training logo alongside your other curriculum subscriptions under your dashboard. Just like Orange curriculum, our team will be writing these trainings in real-time, so you can expect new courses to release every quarter.  width=


We’ll cover themes like Do For A Few, Partnering with Parents, Phase, and everything in between! While the annual training plan suggests a specific season these modules can be done, you are free to choose which course best fits your ministry and when to use it.


Practical Resources


Each volunteer training course will include:


A Ministry Leader Guide


This will be your starting point! The Ministry Leader guide will walk you through the number of ways you can use the training, whether in-person or digitally. We’ll also point you to additional resources offered in the Orange Store or the Orange Leaders resource library that may be helpful as you train on each theme.


A Monthly Training Video


 width=This video is designed to kick off a conversation with your volunteers about what this kind of leadership looks like in the context of YOUR church and THEIR unique group of kids or teenagers. It is built directly into the site so you can easily go full screen and watch from there. No downloading involved! We’ve also made the video easily shareable! Simply click on the airplane icon in the top right corner of the video, copy the video link and paste it into an email or text message to your team. It’s that simple!


A Volunteer Meeting Guide


This is designed to be used with your volunteers after watching the training video together to help them discuss and process what they’ve heard. The guide will include several activities, discussion questions, and prompts that can be used in one meeting or broken up into several shorter weekly huddles throughout the month. 


Ongoing Support


Training your volunteers is one of the most important aspects of ministry leadership. These courses are designed to provide a framework and strong foundation to get important conversations going with your team throughout the year. But they’re only the beginning! Don’t forget that you have an amazing Orange Specialist who would love to continue brainstorming and strategizing best practices for equipping and inspiring your volunteers all year long.  width=


Interested in seeing our training plan for the entire year? Click here for a free download plus a sample of one course! 


And if you’d like to get FULL access to our volunteer training, check out an Orange curriculum subscription today!


*Free means FREE through summer 2023.

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