Your Annual Teaching Plan Is Here — Meet The New Scope and Cycle 🗺️

Orange Students Scope & Cyle Teaching Plan

What if you had a roadmap for the next year of ministry? You could . . .


      • Plan further in advance

      • Plan what you teach with a strategy in mind

      • Stop wondering what you’ll teach next week

    With XP3 curriculum, you get a plan for the next three years of ministry, and detailed insight on each coming year of ministry. We help you plan ahead through our 3-Year Plan called a Scope & Cycle (released every three years) and a 1-Year Plan called a One-Year Scope (released every year).

    What’s a Scope & Cycle?

    We use the words Scope & Cycle to describe the roadmap we have for our curriculum.

    Our scope is the comprehensive plan that prioritizes what you teach and when. It basically tells you what we’re teaching now with our curriculum and what we’re planning to teach in the future. It’s the big-picture curriculum plan for XP3.

    Our cycle is the plan to recycle or revisit what you teach. It’s how we circle back to reinforce the topics we’ve covered to make sure what we’re teaching sticks effectively. It’s the way we think about what’s ahead for XP3.

    The cycle is really important because you can’t make kids show up more consistently. You can’t guarantee that they’ll be with you each and every week. And you also can’t make more hours in the week for yourself. You can’t build in more time to reinforce what you’re teaching to each and every student who may or may not be with you. But you can make the time you have matter more by recycling and reinforcing the things that matter most during the middle and high school phase. That’s exactly what your Cycle does!

    So if your scope prioritizes what you will teach and your cycle strategically reinforces those principles again and again in new ways, then developing a Scope & Cycle is a balancing act of both strategy and structure and flexibility and freedom.  And because we believe that both are so vital to the content in your student ministry, we want to give you a little glimpse into exactly how we came up with our Scope & Cycle, why we do it the way we do it, and what we’re planning to cover in our curriculum Scope & Cycle. 

    A strategic plan for the entire year.

    Explore the 2024 – 2025 Orange Curriculum Scope & Cycle for a comprehensive teaching roadmap designed for the year ahead with students and families in mind.



    Why does Orange Curriculum have an Annual Focus?

    Orange Kids Scope & Cycle Teaching Plan


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