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XP3 101 | What is XP3?

Hey there! My name is Ben and I’m the Creative Director for XP3 High School here at Orange!

Starting today, we’ve decided to try something new here on the XP3 blog: a series of posts we’re calling XP3 101. These posts are designed to help you…

Learn about XP3 for the very first time.

Learn how to better use everything XP3 provides (even if you’ve been using it for years).

Cool? Cool. So let’s get started with a pretty basic question.

What exactly is XP3?

XP3 is the strategy we’ve developed here at Orange for helping you better influence students. Under the XP3 umbrella, we have a bunch of books and resources, plus two curriculum options: XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School. These two curriculums are designed to work together, with XP3 Middle School focusing on grades six through eight, and XP3 High School on grades nine through twelve.

Both of our curriculums are written and designed with a specific age group in mind, so they’re pretty different – but they’ve also got something in common. For most of the year, we teach the same topics at the same time – we just talk about them in very different, age-appropriate ways. So, let’s say you oversee both middle school and high school at your church – we would recommend checking out both XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School, because we’re convinced that the middle school and high school phases are very different, and that both phases matter.

We release a new batch of curriculum four times a year. We release our curriculum seasonally, rather than annually, because we always want XP3 curriculum to be culturally relevant and timely. Because we release a new batch of curriculum just a couple of months before we recommend that you teach it, you can be sure we’ve done the research for you to ensure relevant…

  • pop culture references.
  • song recommendations.
  • teaching series titles.
  • social media hashtags.
  • graphics and videos.

Pretty cool, right?

Because, hey, we get it. I’ve been a student pastor and so have most of the people on the XP3 team. We know you’ve got a lot going on because we’ve been there. We know what its like to…

  • never have enough volunteers.
  • never have enough engaged parents.
  • miss out on relationships because you’re busy designing graphics, planning games, or writing small group questions.
  • struggle to balance your ministry with your family, your personal life, or even your second job.

So what is XP3? Well, it’s a tool designed to help you clear your to-do-lists so you can spend your time doing what really matters.

And in the next few posts in this series, you’re going to hear from a few of our team members as we show you exactly how XP3 helps you make it all happen. Here’s what you can expect…

Sound good? Good. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our next post in this XP3 101 series!

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