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XP3 101 | The Parent Cue

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Hey there! My name is Sarah and I’m the Lead Writer for XP3 High School Curriculum. I’m also a mom and a regular contributor to Orange’s blog designed just for parents,

Here at Orange, we believe it’s really important for churches to “cue” parents regularly. What do we mean by that? Well, it’s pretty simple. You cue a parent every time you…

  • tell them what you’re teaching.
  • share a helpful resource.
  • help them be a better parent.
  • remind them how much their job matters.

We don’t want you to nag them. 
We just want you to carefully cue them.

But hey, we know that parents probably aren’t your top priority every week. That’s why, here at XP3, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to cue and partner with parents more effectively. Because here’s what we’re pretty convinced of:

Parents and small group leaders don’t need more content. They need better cues. If you want them to learn more, then tell them less more often.

So with XP3, here’s what we give you:

  1. A Parent Cue for every teaching series. It’s a short PDF, created just for parents of middle schoolers and high schoolers, that tells parents what you’re teaching, gives them something to think about that relates to what you’re teaching, and challenges them to take one step toward putting it into practice. All the work is done for you! You just need to send it.
  2. A Social Media Plan for parents. We give you a social media plan for every series, too! It’s a written-for-you plan that helps you keep parents in the loop on what you’re teaching and what they can do to be a better parent to their middle schooler or high schooler.

For even more resources to help you cue parents, you might want to check out It’s our solution to help you better partner with parents every single week!

So there you have it! That’s the XP3 strategy for cueing parents. But stick around. Coming up next in this XP3 101 series, we’ll talk about…

Check back soon to learn more ins and outs of XP3.

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