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Why I Use the Parent Cue App and Why Churches Should, Too.

Becoming a parent during the COVID-19 pandemic presented unique challenges, but discovering the Parent Cue App provided invaluable support for navigating the journey of parenthood. This app offers a wealth of resources, including developmental insights, daily devotionals, and activity suggestions, helping parents build spiritual habits and make the most of their time with their children. As a ministry leader, the app was also a valuable tool for connecting with and supporting parents in the congregation, emphasizing the importance of churches partnering with families to enhance parenting strategies and provide resources for busy parents.

I became a parent in the middle of COVID. Trying to navigate first-time parenthood as well as a worldwide pandemic was a challenge, to say the least. I was constantly looking for resources and activities while at home with my babies. And because I wasn’t working as much due to the environment we were all living in, parenting was a full-time job. I was at home. . . every single day. . .with my babies. During that season, I was also serving as a full-time Childrens & Youth Pastor and was always thinking about of how to connect to our families outside of email or social media. When I became familiar with Parent Cue during the height of the pandemic, I was blown away that something like this actually existed. 

The Parent Cue App has been a game-changer for me as a parent. 

Like most new parents, I felt clueless about anything regarding parenting and raising children, despite my professional experience in family ministry. I truly believe that until you have your own children, parenting is hard to understand and relate to. That’s why I love the resources from Parent Cue-especially the Parent Cue App. The Parent Cue app is a tool that Parent Cue offers for free that equips parents to be the parents we want to be. Currently, I use the app on a weekly basis to get an encouraging message that gives me hope as I parent. I use the app because I get to learn about where my children are developmentally as they grow and there are resources like daily devotionals and curriculum to help them build spiritual habits. They even have activity suggestions for when children are out of school or can’t go outside. I also love the countdown feature because it allows me to see how much time I have left to pour into my children while they are in my home. It’s a great reminder that time does truly fly as a parent, and 18 years goes by so fast. So, we must make the most of the time we have with our children. I also use the app to find resources and articles to help navigate parenting in the specific season of parenting that I am in. I love that the articles are on relevant topics and are written by real people and real parents. Plus, when I read them, it makes me feel like there is a village cheering me on. Don’t all parents need that? All of these resources help me be more intentional in my parenting, and I love that it is all in one place. 

The Parent Cue App was also a game-changer for me as a ministry leader. 

Because I loved Parent Cue as a parent, when I discovered it, I wanted to wrap up as many of the resources I could to gift it to all of the parents I knew. I was so grateful for the wealth of information on parenting in one spot. Coming from a church in which parent ministry or parent strategies were not always prioritized, I saw it as an incredible resource that could change the lives of families in my congregation. 

The Parent Cue app is a great tool for churches of any size and can help them stay connected with the parents they serve. Not only that, but it can also be one part of an intentional parent strategy by putting resources in the hands of busy parents that helps them reinforce what their kids or students learn on a Sunday. Plus, if a family misses a Sunday, it is a great way to stay connected with them as they are on the go. This is all about the church partnering with parents and helping them be the best parents they can be with tools and resources to support their efforts.

Finally, the app also includes a Shop, which is full of fun apparel for parents and for their kids as well as books and resources to help parents at all stages. It’s a great place to shop! 

The Parent Cue app is one-of-a-kind, and there doesn’t seem to be anything out there that can compare. This unique resource puts parenting back in the hands of parents and gives us a wealth of resources and the spiritual guidance to be encouraged day to day in this lifelong journey.  It is an impactful tool for any parent trying to influence their children for the good and for any church trying to serve and encourage parents everywhere. If you want to learn more about the Parent Cue App or try customization free for 30 days check out

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