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When Media is a Great Solution

Susan reflects on her challenges in captivating and teaching kids with charisma and humor, but Orange's media package comes to the rescue. This comprehensive solution shines in various scenarios: when you have multiple programming times, limited volunteers, or when your volunteers need a break. It's especially valuable for small churches, multi-site churches seeking consistency, and those aiming for inclusivity and family engagement, offering more than just Bible Story videos – from production files to engaging Get Reel videos and versatile motion graphic and art files, ultimately elevating the overall large group experience in kids' ministry.

I (Susan) don’t have it–the charisma, the right amount of humor to keep them intrigued, the voice that commands their attention. It’s just not in my skill set. I am not effectively able to stand in front of a group of kids and keep them captivated while I impart spiritual wisdom. I’m unsure which is more intimidating–the kids or the other volunteers listening in as I hem and haw my way through the lesson.

Maybe you can relate. Fortunately, Orange has an excellent quality media option that saves the day.

When is it a good idea to use the media package?

When you have multiple programming times 

Meet on Sundays and Wednesdays? Use the Bible Story video on Sundays and then recap on Wednesday nights. Depending on the media package you select, you may even have two different videos telling the same story. Use one on Sunday and the other on Wednesday.

When you have limited volunteers

We believe that the best way to impact a kid’s faith is to give them a relationship with a small group leader. Using the Bible Story video for large group allows you to invest your limited number of volunteers in building relationships. Instead of preparing to teach a lesson, they can prepare for effectively connecting with their few.

When your volunteers need a break

Even if you have a great team of large group volunteers, occasionally there will be weeks where they get sick, go on vacation, or just need a break. The Bible Story videos are great for back-up when your volunteers can’t be there, but they are also great options so you can plan a few weeks a year to give volunteers a break so they don’t burn out.

When you are a small church

As a small church, you may have a large range of ages together. It’s difficult to teach in a way that engages both kindergartners and 5th graders. You’re going to lose one end or the other. Orange has a Bible Story video that will appeal to both. Plus, you still have small group time to ensure kids at both ends capture the bottom line.

When you are a multi-site church

If you have multiple locations with various levels of skill, experience, and resources, it’s hard to ensure that every kid has a similar experience. Using the Bible Story videos provides consistency across campuses.

To provide a more inclusive environment 

Orange media packages include closed caption videos. Send the monthly worship song video home for kids to learn before Sunday. The more familiarity with the song and motions, the more likely they will be to engage during worship.

To engage families at home 

How are you engaging families beyond the walls of your building? Whether a family travels, has a sick family member, or doesn’t normally attend your church, you can share the online experience so kids and families can watch from home.

There’s so much more to the media package than the Bible Story video.

All the production files – the theme graphic, the bottom line graphic, the memory verse graphic, the worship video and the Bible Story video are all included in both a Pro Presenter and a PowerPoint file. Take your pick. It’s all there created for you, in the correct order called for in the script.

In 252 Kids Ministry Curriculum, The Get Reel videos help kids learn basic faith skills; Listen to God’s words, Dialogue with God, Articulate your faith and Worship with your life. Your Kids will love hearing the voices of other kids talking about the month’s theme and what it’s meant for their lives. Use Get Reel videos in large group, in an FX, during Kids Moment or Sunday School.

Motion graphic files can be used on TVs in hallways, at check-in, or at the entrance to your Kid’s space. They enhance the environment and help create anticipation as families arrive.

Use the customizable art files to decorate your kids’ environment.

Being able to rely on the media package for large group presentations frees me to be a more focused, relational leader with my volunteers and parents. It makes me look better as the video and graphic pieces all come together to create an engaging and fun, connected large group experience for the kids of my ministry.

Note: Media package resources vary by tier. Visit to learn more about what’s included at each tier.

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