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What’s An Orange Specialist?

We do a lot here at Orange to help you and your ministry be it’s best, healthiest, and most effective. Things like Orange Conference, Orange Tour, resources, kids curriculum, student curriculum, ministry apps, music, podcasts, books, and at the risk of sounding like an infomercial…even more?!

But of all that Orange offers, there’s one thing that we definitely don’t want you to miss out on. 

It’s one thing that we hope could have a greater impact on your leadership and ministry than anything else.

It’s your Orange Specialist, or OS for short. 

What Is An Orange Specialist? 

An Orange Specialist is part ministry coach, consultant, pastoral counselor, and ministry strategist. Your specialist  is assigned to you when you purchase any Orange Kids (First Look and 252) or Orange Students (XP3 Middle School or XP3 High School) curriculum. Each of our eighteen Orange Specialists have spent over a decade in the trenches of kids and student ministry before becoming an Orange Specialist. They’ve been there, smelled that, and dealt with all the issues. Whatever you’re going through or experiencing, they probably get it. 

To say it another way, your Orange Specialist is an additional resource that makes all of those other resources that Orange offers work better for you.

How can they help you? We like to say there are three key things an OS does. 

How Can Your Orange Specialist Help? 


The truth is, one of the main things we strive to do is just to know you and your ministry context. Orange doesn’t want to just be a curriculum and resource provider. We want to partner with you in bigger ways, and knowing you and your ministry enhance that partnership. Ministry can be lonely, but we want to help ensure that no ministry leader is walking alone. 

Your OS also wants to help connect you with other leaders! We’re better together and we love creating spaces where we can learn from each other. 


Ever feel overwhelmed looking at all of the content you get with Orange curriculum? Your Orange Specialist would love to get to know your ministry context and recommend what you should be paying attention to right now, and what to look to next as your ministry changes and grows. 

Another thing we like to do is to help you customize Orange’s curriculum, resources & strategy to best fit your church’s unique context. There are so many tips & best practices your OS can share with you on how to best think Orange whether you’re new to Orange or a seasoned vet.


Last but not least, our team is passionate about coaching you through whatever ministry challenges you might be facing. With the OS’s extensive family ministry experience, they may not have all the answers (though they have many), but because of the ministry hive mind they’ve developed by having so many conversations with leaders like you, they are the perfect people to process tensions, troubleshoot challenges and brainstorm new strategies with.

So What Should I Talk To My Orange Specialist About? 

Well…pretty much anything. Of course, we can dive deep into a conversation about the curriculum and best practices, but here are some examples of other conversations we love to have with you…

Launching Orange Strategy at your church

Developing and recruiting volunteers

Partnering with parents

Building ministry systems

Evaluating program strategies

Navigating big changes in ministry

Building good ministry transitions

Planning your year 

Developing a small group strategy

P.S – If you ever have questions about products, events, billing, purchasing, coupons, technical support, etc, we have an AWESOME Partner Support team here to help with those things too!

How Do You Connect With Your Orange Specialist? 

You automatically get an Orange Specialist when you make a purchase of any Orange curriculum. Once that happens, your Orange Specialist will actually reach out to you to connect. 

Sometimes, due to outdated info, Orange Specialists have a hard time connecting to the right person. So, if you use Orange curriculum but have never connected with your specialist, we’d love to fix that! Head to, enter your info & it will tell you who your OS is so you can reach out!

We are in it for the long haul to help your ministry win & to celebrate with you when you do!  We look forward to connecting with you soon and helping you out along the way.

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