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What Smart Leaders Know About the Holidays

The holidays are upon us! Family calendars fill up fast. We check our list and check it twice. There are choir concerts, school parties, teacher gifts and more. Jingle here. Jingle there.

Smart leaders like you understand that while it’s the most wonderful time of year, it can also be a tumultuous time in families lives. Shared custody challenges, loss of loved ones, absent military family, job loss, finances and so much more. Emotions run high during the holidays. Middle and High School kids may need extra encouragement. It may be their best year so far, or worst.

I’m not trying to be a Grinch here, but during this season leaders like you know it’s time to lean in. How? Pray! Pray before it gets busy. Ask God to use you to be made aware of others around you. Pray to see past the behavior and reach in to show God’s love.

A favorite Preschool phrase is, “Turn your ears up.” We can take a cue from this phrase. It works for me too. What might happen if I determined to “turn my ears up” and tune in to listen to God’s voice as I go through this season? I might become aware of needs. I might be able to share a simple truth with a student. I become aware just of HOW good the Good News of Jesus is that we have is to share. I might be an encouragement and never know it.

God loves us with an everlasting love. Someone in your small group may need to be reminded of that. Be aware. Sharing a simple truth may help others going through difficulty this holiday season. We’re not here to fix it. We’re here to be a source of God’s love and point others to Him. His perfect Love knocks down the fears that kids and teens have. His Love gives hope in whatever is happening.

This season will take on a much different meaning with your “ears turned up.” Maybe you are the one to explain (in a bite-size, simple way) who Jesus is to a child this season. Or perhaps—because you prayed—you give the best answer for the questions about Reindeer (kids ask some amazing questions, don’t they?!). Take time to pray and turn your ears up this season. It’s amazing that God knows where to place you in the paths of others to demonstrate His love.

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