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Volunteering From Home

The pandemic has caused a major shift in the way church does church. It's also shifted the way volunteers, well - volunteer. There are several ways we can involve ministry volunteers who are working from home.

The 2020-2021 Pandemic changed everything.

I even hate uttering that phrase, because I want things to go back to normal so bad. But it’s true. It really did change everything.

It changed the way we work.
The way we think.
It even changed the way we do church.
And… most importantly for our conversation today, it changed the way Volunteers, well, Volunteered.

While most of us have gone back to normal and are having weekly services again, attempting to salvage the programming we once had, we just know that it is different. There’s something in the air that you simply can’t deny. It is — different.


Volunteering From Home


Along with this different environment we are all living in, an interesting topic arose. The idea of Volunteers working from home. Think about that for a second — “Volunteers working from home.” How does that even work? Most of us completely operate in a compartmentalized mentality of “Filling holes on a weekend.” We don’t even know what to think about Volunteers working from home, and what they might do.

The fact is, however, we need to change our thinking, and the way we lead. If Volunteers are willing to work from home, what are the things that we could utilize them for? What could we shift in our ministries to utilize these folks who might step up during the week to take some tasks off of our plate that we probably shouldn’t be doing anyway. It’s a different way of thinking, but it can be so crucial to our ministries moving forward. Volunteers working from home could look like . . .


Tasks Church Volunteers Can Do From Home


  • Doing curriculum prep and sending out curriculum files to your Volunteers each month
  • Ordering your supplies (or Amazon ordering for that matter), and prepping supply bins at home and dropping them off before a weekend service
  • Running some digital meetings for Volunteers who are serving on the weekends to keep them relationally connected with each other
  • Helping manage your social media presence from their home or mobile device without being physically present


Have Empathy for Volunteers Working From Home


The truth is, so many of us consistently operate in a “Sunday mindset,” where we are only focused on those who show up. With more of the world engaging than ever in digital, online experiences, we have to do the same with our Volunteers, as well.

The other thing I encourage you to have at this moment in time, is empathy. Some of us who are showing up each week don’t “get it” — we don’t get why people aren’t ready to come back out of their homes and engage as they used to. We sometimes sit back and think, “What are we going to do? We can’t operate like this!” But the real nugget of truth is that we have to accept the reality of the times we live in. Some just aren’t ready. Some might not be ready to come out of their houses and engage with a weekly experience yet — but they are ready to help. That’s where you, as the leader, have to shift your thinking as to how you engage with them.

I mentioned a few little nuggets of wisdom, above, that you might be able to execute to keep Volunteers who are at home, engaged and busy, and they could help your ministry. But you have to get around the table with your leadership team and ask the questions that are specific to you. “What could these Volunteers do that we need help with, while working from home?” You might just come up with some of the best answers that could skyrocket your ministry, organization, and department into a level it’s never been before.

Get out of that old way of thinking.
Stretch yourself to achieve a broader mindset.


And remember, Volunteers who are home, are still Volunteers.

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