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Turning the Tide of Negative Team Energy

“The first law of thermodynamics helps us know that energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is just transferred from one end to another.” This principle applies to the energy of spirit as much as it applies to the energy of electricity. Leaders are in a powerful position to affect the energy in any atmosphere. A leader’s energy is contagious and will be easily passed along to other teammates. Staying positive can be difficult to do when real leaders lead real lives that impact our daily workspaces, team meetings, and worship programming.

Our kids get sick.
We have arguments with our spouses.
There are disagreements with supervisors.

And even with all of that going on when we walk into a room people look to us to set the tone. So how do we set an upward, positive, and hopeful tone in the room even when our personal tone is being challenged?

Focus on the celebrations!

A thousand things can go wrong in preparation for a Sunday morning but when it is time to huddle with the volunteers for the day then the only thing that matters is empowering and energizing them so they can pour into families. Focus on the phenomenal opportunities that are possible that day.

A child might accept Christ.
A family is returning to worship after being away for several weeks.
A volunteer had a particularly difficult week and they are still there to pour out.

Take a moment to celebrate the victories. Celebrations change momentum. Save the difficult items for another day. At this moment, the most important item is the celebration that is needed so the environment can be charged with positive energy.

Give out compliments to others!

I love the phrase “one compliment deserves another.” If it is a personally difficult day, start giving out compliments. Extend complimentary energy and that energy will be transferred back to you. Someone will respond with a comment like, “Thank you but you. . . . ” Self-doubting days happen to the most competent individuals. If after listing all your positives to yourself you are still down, start giving positives to other people. And then turn your energy by focusing on their returned compliments.

Calendar a time to find a solution!

I don’t sleep well with a mind full of unanswered concerns. But every concern may not be able to be resolved immediately. Calendaring a time to resolve a concern that is causing stress and negative energy is an intermediate but active step toward resolution. For all the results-oriented people, allow this action step toward resolution to be a necessary and adequate point to reaching a permanent solution. This brings light to a possibly unpleasant situation and then allows the energy or focus to be drawn to something that needs immediate and positive attention.

Take a minute to connect to God!

This last point is the most important: Connect to God and give it to Him. There are lots of things that happen in life that God has equipped us to solve but some things will fall out of our power to influence. Those are the best opportunities to connect to God and depend on His grace to give you the strength to lead. His strength is matured, grown, realized, and vividly seen in our weakest moments of frustration, pain, confusion, and other things that cause low energy (2 Corinthians 12:8-10). When the low energy is unshakable and we come to the end of ourselves, God’s grace, the riches of the strength in the Spirit of God, is realized.

The people we lead respond to our emotions. What we give out will be returned to us. When life happens and positive energy is low it is necessary to be intentional with turning the tide, or the energy transmission, by focusing on the positives.

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