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How To Turn VBS Volunteers into Year-Round Volunteers

If you had some exceptional VBS volunteers over the summer but aren't in your regular rotation, it's time to get them back in the mix!

Whether you’re planning your summer VBS right now, or you’re looking back at another year well done — there’s one thing you can do to strategically build momentum for your entire ministry.

Inevitabily after VBS ends, we start turning our attention to what I like to refer to as the “Fall Semester Festivities!” These include fall festivals, trunk-or-treat events, Thanksgiving celebrations, and of course Christmas programs.

It’s easy to get caught up in just “doing” and moving through and endless cycle of jumping from event to event.

Many moons ago, I heard Andy Stanley speak about the idea of replacing yourself. The idea boiled down to finding strong leaders and giving them opportunities to serve – ideally from your own list of responsibilities. And if you hand off these pieces well, then the leaders you pick will end up doing a better job at your job than you did. In turn, that frees you up to lead even better. It’s a win for you, your team, and your ministry.

What does this have to do with trunk-or-treat and Vacation Bible School? Everything.

Find your VBS volunteers’ strengths and use them year-round

You probably have a list of the VBS volunteers that stood out during your program this summer. And you have the chance to re-engage them this fall in easy ways that will develop them and help you. Consider the various roles at VBS and think about where these volunteers would shine on Sundays:


Did you have someone that was an awesome VBS greeter who could do the training and coordinating with your  team of greeters for your fall festivities? You could help him or her identify that potential team and turn them loose to recruit and nurture those relationships. This will give you a built-in greeter team just for special events.


Was there someone who LOVED the jobs associated with VBS decorations? Well, by all means – get them back in the loop for your upcoming programs! See if they have the time to pursue Pinterest and Facebook Groups for ideas. Then, propose the décor for one or two upcoming events. Help them find more people who enjoy the same tasks and build a decorating team with your support.

Leaders and Coordinators

What about your teams leading the VBS rotations? Did you have someone who stood out as a VBS games team leader or crafts volunteer or even a snack coordinator? If so, then you have an opportunity to handpick an experienced team of volunteers to come alongside you in planning the next round of special programs!

Don’t miss this chance to give your rising all-star leaders easy ways to serve using their natural giftings over the next season! Remember, people want to be asked to do something significant. If you don’t ask them, someone else will.

Here are some easy next steps you can take to begin building your volunteer leadership team:

Building your volunteer leadership team

  • Identify your MVPs
  • Match their strengths to roles on your ideal leadership team for your upcoming events.
  • Set up a time to meet with each person on your list. It can be over the phone or in person.
  • Make the ask for a small commitment first – possibly helping with your next upcoming event.
  • Plan a time to make the bigger ask for a longer-term commitment.
  • Plan regular team leader meetings to help the team dynamics begin to take shape.

Another bonus to leveraging others’ talents this time of year is that you’re investing in these relationships and handing off responsibility well before it’s time to engage your VBS leadership team. It’s great practice for YOU, and it begins to build a solid team of leaders who learn how to work together!

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