Tips for Experiencing Orange Conference Solo

The time is finally here, and Orange Conference is right around the corner. You are planning on attending OC solo, and maybe you feel you’re the only person you know in a hundred-mile radius that’s making the trek. Well, we’re here to make sure you have the best time possible. Whether you want to make new life-long ministry friends, or if you just want to hang out by yourself and enjoy this time on your own, there’s no wrong way to be at OC. But just to make sure you get the most out of your time here, we have five big tips for you to keep in mind: 

Connect with your Orange Specialist

Have you ever entered a room (or maybe even an arena) and wished you knew at least one other person? Congratulations, we have someone you should meet. Each of our curriculum partners has a dedicated Orange Specialist who is there to help with all things Orange. If you’re looking to meet other ministry leaders in your area, they’re available to help make those kinds of connections. On the other hand, if you’re looking to chat with someone who can help you dream up some next steps for your ministry, they can help with that too! What we’re really trying to say is…your Orange Specialist is awesome, and they are so excited to meet with you. To find out who your Orange Specialist is before you get to OC, just head over to findmyos.com. Not an Orange partner just yet? No problem, find our curriculum teams at their respective booths! They are just as happy to chat and help you make connections as well. 

Find Your People

One of the best things about the Orange Conference is the sheer number of different kinds of ministry leaders who attend. If you’re in preschool ministry and looking for some new friends, you’ll find them at either one of the preschool-specific workshops or check out the preschool area of the Phase Gallery. Looking to connect with more student pastors? You’ll be able to find them, too, usually wearing some of the new Orange Student swag they bought at the OC store.  Next Gen pastors? Check. Senior Pastors? You may want to check out Rethink Leadership to connect. To help you get a head start in finding your people, be sure to check out the list of ministry leader Meet Ups you can sign up for when you register. Or, post in one of our Facebook groups to connect with people who also may be attending alone or serving in a similar context. 

Know What to Expect in the Arena

For most of the main sessions, you’ll be sitting in a large arena, either in seats on the floor level or up in the first or second section. The music can be pretty intense, so if loud noises are an issue for you, feel free to sit a bit further back from the stage or even step out for a few minutes (you’ll still be able to hear and see what’s happening inside). There’s always a fun game or two, so feel free to volunteer to participate or enjoy watching the fun!  And with so much great information given from the main stage, feel free to write down a few notes for yourself; just be sure to bring everything you need in a clear bag. Check out the rest of the Arena Policies here.

Embrace the Chaos

Over the three days of OC, you’ll be consuming a ton of new information that will encourage you, inspire new ways of thinking, and maybe even challenge you to dream a bit bigger for your ministry. With so much content in so little time, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. This is when being a part of a community like Orange really comes in handy! Be sure to get phone numbers from your new friends to connect and debrief together after the conference is over. Or sign up for a time to speak with your Orange Specialist to discuss a new idea sparked by something you heard in a main session. Even better, be sure to go to store.thinkorange.com to check out any of the new resources you heard about throughout the conference.  

Remember, it’s a Sprint, Not a Marathon

While we hope you’re spiritually preparing yourself for an awesome few days, we also want you to keep some practical tips in mind. You’ll be doing a fair bit of walking between the Arena and the Conference Center, so comfortable shoes are a must. The weather can be unpredictable, so be sure to dress in layers and even bring a jacket with you (especially in the arena). Meal times can be a little chaotic, so it’s always helpful to have some sort of plan of what and where you want to eat (we have food trucks and arena concessions on site, with restaurants nearby). In fact, here’s the ultimate guide to all of your food options! You may also want a water bottle, notepad and pen, and a snack or two (and, seriously, don’t forget everything has to be in a clear bag). 

We hope this helps get you a little more excited to come to Orange Conference, especially if you’re coming solo! If you have any particular questions, don’t hesitate to contact your Orange Specialist.

We can’t wait to see you all at Orange Conference!


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