The Ministry Leader’s Ultimate Gift Guide

Welcome to the Ministry Leaders’ Ultimate Gift Guide. We want to help you celebrate your volunteer leaders and parents because we know that the quality and culture of a ministry are highly dependent on the success of those two influences.  Plus, what you celebrate gets repeated! So let’s spread some Christmas cheer to those folks who are leading those who influence the next generation with excellence week in and week out!



For Volunteers

 width=It’s Personal – Our kids need more than just deeper worship songs, deeper Bible studies, or deeper theological debates to lead them down a path of hope and meaningful faith. They need something far more personal—an important life skill we all need to figure out. Relational ministry matters! This is a practical guide for a personal, more effective, and fulfilling approach to discipling children and teenagers. Your leaders will feel more equipped to reach the phase they are serving.




 width=Seen – Do you sense the students you serve might be struggling with something, but you just can’t put it into words? This book contains essential information about the dynamics of despair in teens in a clear and understandable way, plus practical tools to help leaders give kids and teens hope. Give your leaders the gift of understanding your students in a deeper way.





 width=“Every Morning” Amber Mug – Affirm your leaders who are doing the work of not just being there but are showing up for the kids and teens in your ministry.






 width=Becoming Better Grown-Ups – This book is a beautiful reminder of why listening to the people and world around us can remind us of the child-like joy that lives in every corner of our lives. Your leaders will love the fun illustrations and how playful this book is. This is the perfect gift that should make it to the top of anyone’s To Be Read stack.





 width=Be Human Sweater – This sweatshirt is so cozy, but it also carries a great reminder to be human. Being human means that we see our neighbors and are for them. Your leaders will love this physical reminder that they are loving well in the spaces where they lead. 






 width=What Most Parents Aren’t Telling You – For years, we have made assumptions about our parents’ needs. We finally have real data showing us the concerns parents carry with them. This book will give your leaders insight and equip them to communicate better with the families they serve. 




For Kids/Teenagers

 width=How To See God – I have given this book to all of my nieces, and they have loved it. It is written so that every teen can engage with it easily! Helping teenagers to see God in their everyday context can help them build a faith that goes with them everywhere. 






 width=How To See God Playing Cards – Playing cards is a core memory I have with my girls. We have loved to play games together! Each card in this 52-card deck has a unique way for your teen to discover God in their everyday life. 






 width=Know God – One of the very best things we can do for the kids in our care is to give them opportunities to make faith their own at their own pace. This 4-week devotional for elementary-age kids lays a foundation for beginning their faith journey and allows them to write their own thoughts, prayers, and questions about God.





 width=Starting Now – One of life’s biggest transitions is going to college after high school. It is such a big life change that, as a parent, we want to help them navigate it with confidence. This book can be incredibly helpful to walk with your teenager through this exciting but scary time. One of the best parts is, where people who love and care for your teenager can sign up and be cued throughout the year on when they may need a little encouragement during their freshman year. 




 width=Your New Playlist – I think all of us can be guilty of negative self-talk. This is especially true for teenagers. This book is written by teenagers who understand what it’s like to want to change their internal playlist and choose more positive and helpful thoughts. Give your students the gift of a reminder that new thoughts can lead to new actions that can help them navigate life in a more positive way.





 width=Ollie and So & So Show Merch – If you’ve been around Orange for a while, you have probably heard the names Ollie, Jon, and Brandon (likely through the screams of toddlers or 10-year-old boys). Gifts like an Ollie plush, Ollie bandages, or a So & So Show notebook, or dodgeball create a unique, personal connection to your ministry and remind them that your church is both a place to feel safe and have fun.




For Parents

Let’s be honest. If you are a parent, you want to be the best parent possible, but sometimes, we just don’t know what to do. It is also hard to admit that because doesn’t that mean we are saying with a megaphone that we don’t know what we are doing? In those moments, I try to find all the resources to read and listen to in order to feel more confident in my conversations with my teenager! Here are some great resources to help you be the parent you want to be! They are also great options, if you want to give them to parents in your community!


 width=Beyond The Spiral – We have heard all the data that is coming out about our kid’s generation. The world keeps saying they are the most “anxious generation,” and as a parent, that can feel incredibly hard. Most of us are not trained professionals in this area, but we do want to understand more so that we can support our kids. Beyond the Spiral will equip a teenager on how best to stop the anxiety cycle from taking over their life. I love this book (along with Seen) because it is written in a way that I can easily understand abstract concepts and put some action steps into place.




 width=Letter to Parents Mug – Everyone needs a pep talk or a word of encouragement! When I put my morning coffee in this mug, it is a fun reminder that I am doing my best, this phase is going to end sooner rather than later, and I need to pause. Take time to enjoy where your kid or teenager is today! Plus, it is more fun to drink out of your favorite mug.





 width=3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager – All of our kids are thinking about who they are, where they fit in, and what they are going to do with their life. Identity, purpose, and belonging are at the heart of most conversations, and the best thing we can do as parents is to understand how to begin to give some answers to these critical questions.





 width=Raising Couragous Humans Sweater – A cozy sweatshirt with a beautiful message makes this the best gift for any parent! This sweatshirt has a companion shirt for your entire family.






 width=Undistracted – Our attention spans are smaller than ever! This book was a reminder that joy and purpose surround us every day; we are just too distracted to slow down long enough to see it. This book is full of fun storytelling that makes it an easy read! I believe we all want authentic connection and undistracted love.





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