Cómo usar XP3 Español en Mi Iglesia

xp3 Spanish

Los materiales de XP3 no solo es un currículo, es una estrategia que te ayudará a tener mejores resultados.

Whether you speak Spanish or not, you can be a bridge for students to connect with God and others. Here are some tips for using XP3 Spanish in your church!

Activating the Power of Curriculum in Your Small Church

Small Church

My absolute favorite line in a youth pastor job description is the line that sounds something like . . . “and other duties as assigned.” If you are serving in a smaller church, I know you started making a mental list when you read that. Your list probably includes: Upload sermon to Facebook Stack chairs […]

How to Use XP3 Curriculum in a Combined Environment

In student ministry, one of the most important filters that everything can be run through is, “What is most helpful for the faith development of the students I’m working with?” Think about it. Everything from strategy, teaching, programming structure, or small group questions can be filtered by this question. Essentially, if we want our students […]