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Using XP3 in a Small Church (Part 5): Presentation Matters

By Tim Van Dalen Last week we talked about the importance of small groups in your student ministry. However, that does not mean the presentation of God’s Word is unimportant. It is very important! Students need to know what God’s Word says about who He is, who they are, and what they are facing in their lives. […]

XP3 101 | Small Groups

This post is part of a series of posts called XP3 101. Be sure to check out the entire series! You can check out the previous post in this series by clicking here. Hey, I’m Brett! I’m an Orange Specialist here at Orange and I’ve been a youth pastor and a small group leader for […]

This Summer Doesn’t Have To Be “Just Another Summer”

Summer is right around the corner. School will be out soon and all of us will be spending a little more time working on our tan lines. But the warmer weather brings with it an unwanted side effect on every ministry: low attendance. Have you noticed that there seems to be a direct correlation between warm weather and […]