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Do Small Groups Still Work?

Do small groups still work?

In a post-pandemic time, do small groups still work? Are small bible study groups still the best way to grow the faith the next generation? Our answer is a resounding YES! Here’s why.

What To Do When Only One Student Shows Up to Small Group 

One Person in Small Group

We have all been there. We show up to small group, and we’re the only person who showed up to small group. Confession: I have led middle school small groups where zero students show up. I have also led small groups where sometimes it’s just one student. I’d love to say that every student in […]

How Small Group Leaders Can Help Students After They Encounter Injustice


The follow-up in a student’s life is an essential action we can take when we find out a student has become victimized by or made aware of an act of injustice. We might be tempted to let the uncomfortable moment pass and avoid an awkward conversation, but when we ignore the issues our students face, we are inadvertently ignoring them.

Mobilizing Your Middle School Small Groups to Serve

As a first-year teacher, one of the best things I said yes to was leading an extra-curricular group called “SHOUT.” This group consisted of student leaders who wanted to help others and better themselves in the process. Literally, that’s what SHOUT meant: Students Helping Others and Understanding Themselves. That group was actually one of the […]

How to be a Small Group Leader in 2021

How to be a Small Group Leader

Our whole world looks different than it did a year ago, and that means ministry looks different too. Due to Covid-19, all of our ministry programs shifted from in-person to online or socially distanced in the span of about seven days.

The Next Grand Adventure

Let’s set the scene. The sky overhead is inky black and full of stars that flicker like they’re communicating in code. Tall grass is dancing while a steady wind rolls over the hills, one after another after another, and on one of the hilltops sits a lion. There’s a ready tension in him, visible in […]

The Beauty of ‘I See You’

The Beauty of ‘I See You’ with Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers teaches us small group leaders and ministry leaders a lot about what it means to make kids feel seen. Known. Loved. Enough. How can we make a difference in the lives of kids throughout our own church neighborhood?

The Unexpected Christmas Gift

Small Group Christmas

This Christmas, small group leaders everywhere must remember this: You are a gift to your small group, and your small group is a gift to you. Read this reminder to small group leaders everywhere!

Leaning Into Thanksgiving Hurts


For kids in your small group, Thanksgiving might not always be a time of cheer and laughter. Sometimes, life circumstances can make the holidays hurt. The good news is there are things that you as a small group leader can do to support hurting students during this time. Read to learn more.

You Might be a High School GIRLS SGL if…

Small group leaders are a wonderful—and wonderfully peculiar—brand of people. If you’ve spent time, man hours, blood, sweat, tears, more tears and sometimes more blood as a student ministry GIRLS small group leader, congratulations. You are among the proud and few! Coincidentally, you are also probably among these people! You might be a High School […]