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What To Do When Only One Student Shows Up to Small Group 

One Person in Small Group

We have all been there. We show up to small group, and we’re the only person who showed up to small group. Confession: I have led middle school small groups where zero students show up. I have also led small groups where sometimes it’s just one student. I’d love to say that every student in […]

You Might be a High School GIRLS SGL if…

Small group leaders are a wonderful—and wonderfully peculiar—brand of people. If you’ve spent time, man hours, blood, sweat, tears, more tears and sometimes more blood as a student ministry GIRLS small group leader, congratulations. You are among the proud and few! Coincidentally, you are also probably among these people! You might be a High School […]

6 Ways to Make Small Group Leader Meetings Great

It might seem easy to blame your SGLs for your meeting failures. Have you ever heard yourself say thing like “They aren’t committed enough” or “They are too busy” or “They weren’t even paying attention!”

And maybe you’re right.

But maybe there’s something wrong with the way you’ve been creating your meetings.

I think there are six things we can do to make a GREAT small group leader meeting. Make sure you’ve got all six ingredients, and you’re on your way to making a meeting strategy that works.