Do Small Groups Still Work?

Do small groups still work?

In a post-pandemic time, do small groups still work? Are small bible study groups still the best way to grow the faith the next generation? Our answer is a resounding YES! Here’s why.

The Art of Belonging

The Art of Belonging

Kids and teens need a sense of belonging to feel safe in church. We believe that small groups are the key to building relationships to help kids belong.

How to be a Small Group Leader in 2021

Our whole world looks different than it did a year ago, and that means ministry looks different too. Due to Covid-19, all of our ministry programs shifted from in-person to online or socially distanced in the span of about seven days.

I’m Here To Play Today So You Know I’ll Be Here Tomorrow

I’m Here To Play Today So You Know I’ll Be Here Tomorrow

If you’re a youth worker, you probably know what I’m talking about. If you’re a volunteer, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. And yet, consistently showing up is where the game is won or lost. Consistently being here to play is one of the most important things, if not the most important thing, that we do for teenagers.

How and Why Orange Works in a Small Church

While we small-church-people can definitely relate to the feeling of being in constant competition with the big churches, I believe the value of small churches to be much richer than that. 

The Next Grand Adventure

Let’s set the scene. The sky overhead is inky black and full of stars that flicker like they’re communicating in code. Tall grass is dancing while a steady wind rolls over the hills, one after another after another, and on one of the hilltops sits a lion. There’s a ready tension in him, visible in […]

The Art of Letting Go

Every year, the same thing happens. I get so gosh-darn attached. September arrives faithfully, another school year begins, and on promotion Sunday, I admire my new few. Some are thrilled to finally be the oldest in the room while others secretly wish they could still be the little ones. After all, big changes are ahead—scary, […]

The Truth About Lies

When I was nine-years-old, I was sent home from school because I had head lice. These little black bugs made a grand, unwelcome entrance into my Mexi-Rican, medium-sized afro. I still remember my teacher’s dreadful stare. I had no idea where I’d gotten these critters. All I knew is I was being sent home for my mom […]

Developing a “Be Present” Mindset

Being present is more than just showing up. It’s allowing your few to have a front-row seat to how God is working in your life and family; making the words you share in the circle have flesh outside of the circle.