What To Do When Only One Student Shows Up to Small Group 

One Person in Small Group

We have all been there. We show up to small group, and we’re the only person who showed up to small group. Confession: I have led middle school small groups where zero students show up. I have also led small groups where sometimes it’s just one student. I’d love to say that every student in […]

Three Ingredients to Help Students Recover Following a Pandemic

Students and the Pandemic

Today’s kids were already facing mental health problems. Now they feel delayed by the pandemic, and it’s added to their anxiety levels. According to Barna research, 82 percent of Generation Z members believe they’ve been traumatized. While it sounds extreme, many of them feel: Postponed. Pushed aside. Penalized.   This group of teens believe part […]

3 Things to Remember When Talking About Freedom to Middle and High Schoolers

If you have spent any time with middle or high school students you know one thing is true. Freedom matters to them. Often, they want more freedom or become overwhelmed with the freedom they do have. The truth is that many middle and high school students can be motivated by freedom. That’s why we believe […]

How to Grow A Teenager’s Faith Outside of Sunday Programming

Grow Your Faith

As a youth pastor, as much as I wish students would clear their calendars and see weekly Sunday or Wednesday youth ministry programming as a not-to-be-missed part of their week, it just isn’t. And that’s okay, because attendance is one thing. But it isn’t EVERYTHING. (Can someone please tell that person who always asks “good […]

Building an All-Star Youth Ministry Teaching Team

Youth Ministry Teaching Team

Building a teaching team will make you a better student ministry leader. Now, I know. You might be thinking something like: “I don’t have time to build a teaching team! I barely have time to recruit new small group leaders. How in the world can I take the time to find other people to speak […]

A Safe Place for Every Race

Deep inside every person is a desire to be welcomed and wanted. Many communities across the United States are rapidly diversifying and youth pastors need tools to create spaces where youth of all races are welcomed and wanted. This may seem daunting, but it’s doable with attention and intention.   Celebrating Diversity in Your Youth […]