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Let’s Get It Right This Time

Let's Get It Right This Time

The hard truth about racism in any generation is that it doesn’t just happen by accident. The Church is called to be a compass for every generation.

Creating a Crisis Plan for Your Church Ministry 

We never see them coming; or if we do, we only have moments to get ready and respond. Crises and tragedies slap us in the face at the worst moments. They hurt. They sting. They can bring everything to a sudden halt. Our lives can seem to be in limbo. Our communities are devastated and […]

Being Ready to Respond to Tragedy or Crisis in Your Community

Certainly no one wants to experience crisis or tragedy in their community. However, we live in an uncertain world; a broken world. Things happen, and many times they happen unexpectedly. Being ready to respond can make the difference between bringing light and hope to the situation or the darkness winning out. Be prepared It seems […]