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Small Church, Great Impact

by Nathaniel Foote

Even if you are a small church you can “Think Orange” and have a great impact not only on your students but on their families as well. I started using Think Orange two years ago and that was the best decision I could’ve made for our ministries at my church. We started out with 252 Basics for our Wednesday night program and expanded to using XP3 for our youth group and Summer XP for our VBS. Having all these ministries run with Orange has been successful for my church not only with the students but also with their families, and my volunteers.

In any small church you have to be creative in how you use curriculum. My Orange Specialist really helped me think and talk through the best way for us to use 252 Basics. Since the curriculum is packed full of resources, I was able to break it down to use in multiple settings. On Sunday mornings for our children’s service, we do the Bible story, bottom line and verse. For Sunday school, I take the small group activities from the compact version of the lesson to help the students apply the lesson to their lives. On Wednesday night, we have the same theme and bottom line as on Sunday but we present the story differently by using the Feature Presentation DVD. The students then go into small groups and discuss the lesson by using the expanded version of small groups. Doing our ministry this way allows for the students to get the lesson in three different ways throughout the week without it seeming repetitious. Having the same theme and bottom line for the whole week has been a big win for our children’s ministry and lets us teach the students something they will remember.

XP3 has also been a great addition to our youth ministry program. The lessons are challenging and relevant and they keep the students engaged. Implementing XP3 has been seamless and has helped our youth ministry grow spiritually.

I would recommend any size ministry use 252 Basics and XP3 together. They work great together and are easy to make work for your ministry setting. We are starting to see some parents get excited about what we are doing and have since started coming to our church. Orange has helped our students by putting a creative twist on lessons and challenging them to put into practice what they learn. I am very thankful for Orange and for the principles they want to instill in the students.

Nathaniel Foote is the associate pastor of family ministries at Grace Church in Lexington, Ohio.

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