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Six Game Ideas for Outdoor Youth Ministry

Summer is a few short months away, which means it's time to talk about outdoor youth ministry games! Check out these fun ideas to make this summer a blast!
Outdoor Youth Ministry Games

It’s hard to believe that some of us have already started feeling the warmth of the summer sun on the horizon (depending on where you live). And that just means one thing…Summer! Believe it or not, in just a couple short months, summer will be here along with all the fun youth ministry events that go with it. How else would you end a summer-long series called Start the Party than with an actual party?! 


We’ve crafted a FREE party planning pack just for summertime to help you plan an amazing summer event for your students. We’ve got the decoration, theme, and party ideas covered. But how will you engage and excite your students to make this party memorable? Well, we’ve come up with several outdoor games – and trust us, they will make a SPLASH!


1. DIY Water Slide


Let’s take the games outdoors and dive into a pool party vibe! All you need to do is grab a tarp, water hose, and some no-tears baby soap to make a slide. Lay the tarp on an incline and let the students float or slide down. This will be a summer favorite for the students!


2. Water Balloon Toss


This classic balloon toss game always pleases the crowd. You just need to line up the students across from each other and let them toss the water balloon back and forth. Every toss, they have to take a step back. The last team with an un-popped balloon wins!


3. Water Limbo


Ditch the traditional limbo stick and grab a hose! The water stream will replace the stick and the students will get to bend under it. Who can get the lowest without getting soaked? 


4. Slip and Slide Kickball


It’s like regular kickball, but the diamond is made from slip ‘n slides and the bases are kiddy pools! Simply split the students into two teams and pick a leader to be the all-time pitcher. Let everyone on each team kick, then switch teams. As they run, the students will slide around and get soaked…is there anything better in the summer?


5. Tug Of War


Again, tug of war but add…water! Put a kiddy pool in the middle of the rope and have the students tug until the losing team falls in the pool! 


6. Water Balloon Dodgeball


This one will have all the students ready to compete! All you have to do is fill up as many water balloons as possible. When the students split into teams, you can create a dividing line to separate them. When you say, “go,” it’s dodgeball time! You can either have students eliminated if they get hit or you can just let the students go.


We hope these outdoor summer fun game ideas get you excited for an awesome youth group summer party. Be sure to grab your FREE summer party planning download here that is full of even more ideas (including indoor games) to take your summer party to the next level.

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