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Seven Segments of Orange Curriculum

Orange Curriculum

At Orange, we are intentional about creating memorable experiences for kids each and every Sunday. While sometimes the curriculum can seem a bit daunting, each part can be broken down into one of seven segments. These seven segments of First Look and 252 Kids and Preteen Curriculum structure the experience in ways that keep kids engaged and focused.

Let’s dive into each of the seven segments that will make your Sunday the best day of the week for kids!


Seven Segments of Orange Curriculum

  • Prelude

We define prelude as setting the tone for the experience. Think of this segment as the feel of the ministry environment you’ve created. One important role in the prelude are your hosts! These volunteers should be bubbly and welcoming, getting down on the kid’s level to greet them. How does your environment look and sound? For example, music in the hallways and posters on the walls are fun ways to set a positive tone for kids. Is your decoration welcoming, clean, and relevant? By creating excellent preschool and kids environments, you will start the day off right.

For ideas on decoration, check out the Create the Environment document in your monthly materials. Also, you can go to the First Look Pinterest page for decor inspiration.


  • Social

In this segment, we focus on providing time for fun interaction. In a preschool setting, sometimes kids can be uncomfortable with leaving their parents at arrival time. This is why small group leaders should be engaged in a fun activity for kids to be excited about right when they walk in the door!

For kids and preteens, small group leaders will also have fun games or activities to grab the students’ attention. These activities within the Orange Curriculum introduce new words and ideas before the Bible story.


  • Transitions

Transitions are moving smoothly from one thing to another. When a kid is confused, scared, or unsure of what’s coming next, it greatly impacts their ability to learn. It’s important to have smooth transitions from the small group to large group settings. Within Orange Curriculum, we have included transitional phrases, songs, and activities to cue kids to shift their attention. The small group leader can incorporate these transitions to move kids to the Bible story.


  • Worship

We define worship as inviting people to respond to God. This is the time to get wiggles out, jump, clap, yell, and praise Jesus! Make sure your worship environment has space for kids to move around. Orange Curriculum includes both songs and motions for kids to engage with the music. And don’t forget . . . small group leaders should dance and sing, too!


  • Story

The Bible story is for communicating God’s truth in engaging ways. During story time, the Bible story is brought to life through the host and storyteller. The host is a fun and relatable person who captures audience attention and helps apply the story to their lives. Along with the host is the storyteller who captivates kids with the Bible story through facial expressions and props.

The Orange Curriculum includes scripts for large group. However, if your church doesn’t have a large group space, no worries! There is also a rug script where one person can tell the Bible story without props in a different corner of the space.


  • Groups

Small groups are for creating a safe place to connect. In this segment, the small group leader reviews the Bible story, memory verse, and bottom line in a small setting. It’s where kids begin to apply the lesson and develop faith skills to grow in their relationship with Jesus. These small group lessons are designed with kids in mind. We think about how they learn, what they like, and how they relate to the world. Through Journal/Prayer time, kids can share prayer requests and talk with God as a group.


  • Home

In the final segment, you are prompting action beyond the experience. At Orange, we believe that home is more important than church. It’s why we partner with parents to help them continue the faith conversations at home during natural times. In the car, at the dinner ble, at bedtime, and other settings. God Time Devotionals are great ways for kids to reinforce the Bible story at home. Also, the Parent Cue App allows your ministry to communicate with parents, cue them with faith conversations, and stay up-to-date on information.


We hope that through these seven segments, the kids in your ministry will feel both welcomed and seen in your church environment. And when that comfort forms, we pray that they will be able to encounter Jesus in a way they wouldn’t have been able to before.

If you use Orange Curriculum and want more information or support in implementing the seven segments into your kids’ ministry, contact your Orange Specialist here. 

And if you’d like to try the seven segments in your environment, try Orange Curriculum FREE here!

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