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Redesign Your Ministry to Partner with Parents

In this Orange Masterclass, you will learn to implement a proven strategy to connect with parents and families in your ministry.
Partner with Parents

A couple of months ago my team was tasked with creating and presenting their plans for the upcoming year. I must say that I was very impressed by what they submitted. The plans were very clear, concise, and contained the required information. But I still felt like something was missing. It’s kind of like the reaction you have after tasting a dish from a recipe you found on Pinterest. You did everything right and it tastes good, but it feels as if it needs something else to make it just right. I realized that the missing ingredient was that we didn’t have consistent pathways to partner with parents.


Orange Masterclass on Partnering with Parents


Thankfully, during my quest to clearly express my heart in a practical way to my team, I was introduced to the Orange Masterclass, Redesigning Your Ministry To Last with Reggie Joiner. I immediately shared the information with my team because it so clearly expressed my heart and gave clarity to how we partner with parents in our church and community.


Learn to Redesign Your Parent Strategy

Reggie did such an amazing job expressing that when it comes to parents, every week matters. In other words, if every week matters for how a parent engages with their child, then as the church, every day matters in how we connect and engage with the parent. This idea from the master class gave us direction. It also informed how our Next Gen team will implement our “Everyday Sunday” parent strategy next year to engage every parent every day.


Learn to Redesign How You Partner with Parents

This Orange masterclass has also given me the language to help encourage and connect parents. A couple of months ago I had a conversation with a parent at Target. As I talked with this parent, she expressed that she was concerned that she wasn’t being present enough in her kids’ lives. She told me she couldn’t find any community entity that would give her practical ways to be more actively present.

This parent felt like she was being present in her professional and personal endeavors. But when it came to parenting, she felt like she was failing at showing up for her kids. You could hear the disappointment in her voice and the conflict in her spirit. This mother truly did not know how to capitalize on the time she had with her kids.

Clearly, this mother desired to be connected to something that could help her win at home. That’s when I began to explain how our church was implementing a strategy that would allow her and so many other parents to be present in every phase of their child’s life. I explained to her that strategy could help her be positioned to win. As we ended the conversation I was able to encourage her with this, “My good friend Reggie Joiner said that God doesn’t use perfect pictures, He uses real people.” 


Start Redesigning Your Ministry This Year


This year will be one of the greatest years in the life of our Next Gen ministry. That’s because our team has embraced the strategy from the masterclass. After all, present momentum and future progress of the church depends on how we prioritize parents and families. This masterclass will give you the tools to help your ministry do just that.


If you would like to start redesigning your ministry to partner with parents, go to to get started today!

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