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Orange Tour: Why It’s Important For Your Entire Team to Attend OT

When you can bring members of your team together... it unites them, gets them all on the same page, and provides everyone with training from fantastic leaders.
Orange Tour 2023

The Orange Conference is one of the best conferences around for student, children and family ministers.  There are thousands of people just like you learning from wonderful speakers while also being exposed to great resources and tools to help you in your ministry. I come back from the Orange Conference energized and excited to finish the year strong and plan ahead for the future of the ministry.

As great of a conference as it is, it is not always affordable or doable for your entire team to go.  That is why the Orange Tour is so important. Every year the great leaders at Orange pack up the conference and go touring around the country sharing with ministry leaders everything they missed or want to be refreshed on from the conference. It is a fantastic event and the perfect opportunity for your ministry team to attend.

Here is why it is so important for your ministry team to attend the Orange Tour with you.

Team Chemistry and Bonding. Whenever you do something as a team, you give yourself a chance to grow closer together and bond. One great way to do this is to do training together. Going to the Orange Tour you will spend time traveling together, eat together and process all that you have learned together. When teams get out of the Church and do things together it creates shared experiences which create better team chemistry and bonding.

Getting everyone on the same Page.  There is a lot of learning that goes on at the Orange Tour. You will get a lot of great, new insights that you can directly apply to your ministry. When your whole team comes, hears the speakers together and, in turn, process together, you get everyone on the same page which helps you move forward effectively.

Letting them experience Orange. Sometimes, in years past, when I have come back from the Orange Conference, I try to explain what I experienced because the others in my team were not able to be there. However, at the Orange Tour, you can take your entire team and you all get to experience it together. Being able to take any and all members of your ministry team to the Orange Tour, this gives them a taste of what the Conference is like. It creates a shared experience that will help you and your team grow closer together.

Training from experienced leaders. Your team gets great training from you throughout the year. While your training is sure to be really effective, the Orange Tour provides them a way to get training from another voice. And while the training content may be similar to yours, there is something about hearing it from another experienced person that can help it sound fresh and new.

While the Orange Conference is amazing for anyone who can go, the Orange Tour is just as great for a variety of different reasons. One of them is that it enables you to bring your team together. When you can bring members of your team together, it unites them, gets them all on the same page, gives them an opportunity to experience some of the greatness of Orange and, by the way, they get great training. What is not to like about being able to bring your team to the Orange Tour? It’s a can’t miss event for you and your team.

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