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Who Needs a Church Blog?

Blogging is so 2000. Does anybody ever read blogs anymore? What could you possibly say on a blog? Especially a church blog.

These are all reasons commonly used by people who think that churches do not need to have a blog. While some of these may seem to be accurate, it doesn’t tell the whole story of why a blog can be really important to your church and ministry. The reality is while video content and podcasts are great ways to communicate for your church today, blogging is still beneficial for churches.

Here a few reasons why blogging helps your church.

SEO purposes

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is basically a free, organic way to get people to come to your website. The way to do that is to create quality content and optimize it properly. The more content you have the better it is for people to discover your website. While video and audio content is really important to have, you need written blog content as well. Whether it is video content, audio content or written content, the more content you can have on your website and tagged properly, the greater the chances are that more people are going to come to your site and discover more about your church.

Reach your community

There is a saying that, content is king. It is king especially when you create quality content. One way to create quality content is to create specific, relevant posts for your community. This can be done in a variety of ways, but by sharing blogs about “how to” do a specific activity or create a habit—things that are practical and helpful to the community you’re trying to reach—is definitely a way to reach your community. Maybe it is answering a parenting question, providing information about local kids activities, or sharing spiritual devotional articles.

Drive people to your website

While social media is important and you need to have a strong presence on social media, the reality is you don’t “own” the content you post on your church or ministry social media accounts. The social media channel does. At any time that social network can remove your content or delete your account. However, every piece of content you place on your website belongs to you. That is why it is very important you keep posting content on your website.

Keep your website current

The more you post, the more current and fresh it remains, which will help SEO. But, it will also keep people coming back wanting to learn more about what is happening at your church. Who knows, maybe it will help them begin to discover who Jesus is.

The reality is that video and audio content are really popular these days. With their popularity it may seem that blogging is outdated and not as useful. That is not the case. Blogging is still a vital piece to your church’s overall content strategy. The more your church can provide quality written content to go along with the video and audio content the more likely you will be able to reach more people in your community with the message of hope found in Christ alone.

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