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Insight into Preschool Imagination and Curiosity

Being a mighty preschooler is the phase when anything can be imagined, everything can be a game, and one curious kid wants to know, “Why?”
Insight on Preschool Imagination and Curiosity

You blinked. That’s all you did. And somewhere in between your blink, your baby became a toddler; and your toddler became a preschooler ready to take on the world. The phase of being a mighty three and four-year-old is the phase when anything can be imagined. With a huge preschool imagination, everything can be a game, and they’re desperate to know, “Why?” 

Here are three insights into your little one’s beautiful, budding, curious mind:

In this phase, there is no distinction between preschool imagination and reality.  

Your preschooler might have imaginary friends or become self-proclaimed princesses, pirates, or superheroes. You might walk into a room to discover it’s really a train station, a castle, an exotic island, or all three. While that’s delightful at times, the preschool imagination may also turn scary. Fear may set in when, at any given moment, a monster can show up in the hallway, a snake can be under the bed, or a dragon can walk through the living room.  

One of the best things about this age is everything can be a game.  

You can easily get them excited about cleaning up their room if you just turn it into a game. You can make learning irresistible when you take the time to make it fun. When you’re having fun, they’ll have fun with you. And there may simply be nothing more entertaining than the spontaneous laughter of a three-year-old.

Their newfound curiosity may become a little exhausting.  

Spending time with this phase may seem like a visit to your therapist or an investigative reporter: “Why?” “Why?” “Why?”  

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But when a four-year-old asks why, the preschooler isn’t looking for a deep philosophical answer. They just want to know how things are happening. When they ask why the second and third times, they aren’t doubting the truth of your answer. They’re just looking for more of the wonderful knowledge they know you must have as an adult person.  

The preschool imagination may be wild and the questions may be tiring, but it’s just a phase. So, don’t miss it. 

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