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How to Plan Your Parent Event Rhythm This Year 

Parents have the most influence over their kids. That's why we must engage them in our ministries! Check out these parent events to plan your year.
Parent Event

Leaders often get tunnel vision when focusing on their specific ministry—I mean, it’s what we get paid (or volunteer) to do. But after 20 years in ministry, I have come to believe that every great kid and student strategy happens when a great parent strategy is in place…and that’s often a step that’s overlooked


Every parent has more influence in their kid’s life than any of us leaders could ever have. 


Yet parents are often an afterthought in our ministries. Sure, we may inform them about an event, call them when we need volunteers, or tell them when we’re talking about a pressing issue. But what if there was a better way? To not just inform parents of what we’re doing, but an invitation to journey with us by…


Listening to parents to truly understand how they’re feeling. 

Giving parents insight into our content so they can connect meaningfully with their kids when they’re not at church.  

Equipping parents for life’s big moments even before they happen. 

Giving parents guides to navigate meaningful conversations at home. 


If we want to help future generations win, we have to help today’s parents win.


Parents are bombarded constantly with tips to help them raise their kids well. And while parents may not give you every night, they will give you one night. Especially if you can go beyond just giving tips and answer the questions parents are really asking. If you can align helpful events that speak to what parents want for their kids with your content strategy for your kids and students programs, the intentionality will speak volumes to a parent prioritizing your ask. What if launching a parent event strategy that runs in tandem with key topics for students can build momentum like never before for life-change in a student and in a parent? 


Here are a few parent events to get you started… 




A kid’s inner world has the power to shape everything—their social lives, academics, their overall mood and mental state. The likelihood that a kid or teenager—or someone they know—may suffer from a mental health challenge one day is higher than you think. But there’s hope: Research shows one of the best predictors of a kid’s success in life is having at least one consistent, supportive, and caring adult in their lives. 


The Parenting with Mental Health in Mind Event includes basic principles and helpful tips on this important subject to aid parents and caring adults as they navigate a kid and teenager’s mental health with intention and care. 


This event includes everything you need. There will be a main session with board-certified, licensed professional counselor Dr. Chinwé Williams, Ph. D.  In addition, we will have communicators scripts, promotional graphics, and emails for parents. 




No parent or caregiver (before our generation!) had to navigate the challenges of parenting in a tech world like families today. (Uh, congrats?) And while technology helps us stay more connected than ever before, it can also connect us to things that are harmful. In other words, technology is a tool that can be used for some good and not-so-good things.

This downloadable event – Parenting in a Tech World – includes a main session from Matt McKee from Bark Technologies, a communicator and host scripts for your live event, parent emails, and more. 




It’s just a phase. . . So don’t miss it.  


The crawlers in your preschool won’t be crawling next year—some might even be potty-trained. 


The fifth graders in your community may not even be in elementary school.


The seniors who are still coming to your church now may live in another city by next year.  


These phases pass by more quickly than we realize but every phase in a kid’s life matters. 


And because every phase matters, we have the responsibility to influence significant relationships in every phase so kids know they matter.  


That’s why we created the PHASE EVENT—to gather two of the most significant influencers in a kids’ life (parents and volunteers) and talk about the unique opportunities at this life stage.  


Chances are you already talk to parents. And you probably already train volunteers, too. But what if you could host one event that equips PARENTS with the information they need to make the most of every phase with a kid or teenager? 


A comprehensive and successful parent strategy is not just one–or even three–parent events, but parenting events should be an important part of any parenting strategy. When you create strategic and intentional events that help parents win, you can build trust with them and have greater influence with the next generation.

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