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Free Daily Devotionals for Youth Ministry

Whether you're on a quest for an engaging online devotional tailored for students or searching for a plan that syncs with your XP3 curriculum teaching series, Orange has got your back.

Looking to engage your youth ministry with top-notch devotionals? Whether you’re on a quest for an engaging online devotional tailored for students or searching for a plan that syncs with your XP3 curriculum teaching series, Orange has got your back. Best of all? Every devotional is available for FREE on YouVersion.

If you use XP3 curriculum, you’ll discover the free devotionals pair perfectly with every XP3 teaching series. Search for the name of the series you’re teaching and you’ll find your daily reading plans (Hint: you’ll recognize the series art!) YouVersion is a great way for you to not only keep up to date with the devotionals during the series, but point your small group leaders, and parents to do the same.

To get started, click here to access free devos or scan the QR code below.

How Do You Use Devotionals In Your Youth Ministry?

1. Share The Devotionals Weekly With Your Whole Ministry

Having the devotionals available to anyone on the Bible app means everyone associated with your ministry can find them! It’s a great opportunity to create a conversation with parents, volunteers, other leaders in your ministry.

In fact, you can prompt your small group Leaders to read the devotionals in your weekly email! They can not only access the devos and read them together as a Small Group and use them as jumping-off points for conversation with their students they lead. 

2. Create Connections and Conversations

Encourage your students to join you and your Small Group Leaders in reading the Daily Devotionals each day. Pass the info on to your parents so they can read them as their students do. 

For small groups, use the Read With Friends feature on YouVersion to complete and discuss the reading plan as a group. You’ll be able to start the plan as a group, and share notes and discussion in the app after each day’s reading. You can encourage Small Group Leaders to lead their group in the devotional every week, or empower students to lead their peers. 

3. Go Deeper With The Faith Skills Experience Kit

Go beyond a daily devotional and create a weekly experience to help students go deeper in their faith with the Faith Skills Experience Kit. The kit contains everything you need for groups of students to practice their faith skills together each week and individually each day.

As part of the Faith Skills Experience Kit, you’ll get leader and participant guides to lead students through weekly activities that can happen at a coffee shop, in a backyard, or at church. Then, printable and digital devotionals allow students to practice their faith skills at home each day. Download a sample of the kit for middle school and high school.

If you’re not using XP3 curriculum and just want a great devotional for youth group or small group, you can still follow us in the Bible app and get the devotionals totally free. You’ll find a library of great devotionals built specifically for middle schoolers and high schoolers.

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