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3 Ways to Utilize the XP3 Student Daily Devotionals

If you’re an XP3 partner, you know one of the components included with every series is a set of daily devotionals to share with your students. These short devotionals come with five days of content and Scripture images created to help your students stay engaged and dive deeper into what they’re learning during each series.

The content for each week’s devotionals is developed through the filter of what we call the Four Faith Skills, specific prompts designed to help students grow in four areas of their faith.

HEAR prompts students toward Scripture or points them toward God’s creation.
TALK prompts students to talk to someone about their faith, to ask people questions, or to have a conversation with someone about faith.
LIVE prompts students to respond to their faith through worship and service. And
PRAY prompts students to pray with people or by themselves, through writing or speaking out loud.

Now we know sometimes it’s challenging to get your students to read, engage with, or use another resource during the week. Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to get them to even do it while they’re with you! But we think the content in these daily devotionals is so important for your group. We think it has the potential to take them further faster in their faith journey. And because of that, we want to help you figure out the easiest ways to get these devotionals in the hands of your students.

Here are three ways we think you can use these daily devotionals to make an impact in your student ministry.

1. Print them.

Your XP3 Basic Subscription includes an easily printable pdf version of the daily devotionals. With the Scripture on the left and the devotional prompt on the right, each week fits easily onto a one-page (front and back) handout. So print them out and hand them to your students! You can distribute them at check-in before your Large Group time, have a designated spot for students to pick them up after, attach them in an email to parents, or have students pick them up from their Small Group Leader.

2. Post or send them digitally (social media, email, text…).

If you have an XP3 premium subscription, then you have access to not only the devotional prompts but the social media graphics featuring each day’s Scripture as well. If your student ministry has a social media account, you can post each day’s devotional directly to your account. Or you can send them to your Small Group Leaders and ask them to text them to their students each day. It’s a great way to start a quick conversation about the verse or prompts in a group chat with their Small Groups during the week!

3. Find them on YouVersion.

Great news: Our daily devotionals are now available free to everyone who has the YouVersion app. All you have to do is login to YouVersion and select “Plan” on the bottom of the screen. Then, search for the name of the series you’re currently teaching, and you’ll find the daily reading plans there for you. Using YouVersion is a great way for you to not only keep up to date with the devotionals during the series, but to point your volunteers, small group leaders, parents, and more to do the same.

There you have it—three simple ways to get these devotionals into the hands of your students. We know there are probably many more ways to do it, but these are a few to get you started. We can’t wait to hear how these daily devotionals impact the hearts and lives of the students in your ministry!

What would you add to the list? What other ways have you shared these devotionals with your students? Let us know in the comments!

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