Your Annual Teaching Plan Is Here — Meet The New Scope and Cycle 🗺️

Brett Talley

Youth Ministry Specialist

As a pastor’s kid, I grew up in the church world and felt a call to ministry at a young age. I jumped into full time ministry in 2005 and am an ordained reverend by the Church of God (Anderson). I was a student pastor & a nextgen pastor for the next 11+ years before jumping in to a new adventure with Orange and Orange Students. As an Orange Student Specialist, I now get to help ministries all over the world implement strategy, create systems, troubleshoot challenges & develop healthier ministries. Not to mention some other amazing things like being a part of a Middle School & High School curriculum called XP3, being a host for the Rethinking Youth Ministry Podcast and speaking at events like Orange Tour & Orange Conference. In addition to my role at Orange, I still love speaking to students, helping train & develop leaders and am a volunteer small group leader at my church. My passions in ministry are… -helping teenagers develop their own authentic faith in the midst of safe community, -helping small group leaders build those kinds of communities, and -helping ministry leaders build those kinds of ministries.

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