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9 Surprising Websites for VBS Supplies

VBS Supplies and Sources - 9 Surprising Websites

Lists! Lists! And more lists of VBS supplies!

VBS comes with a lot of fun and relationship-building but it also comes with A LOT of list-making for anyone leading the charge at their Vacation Bible School. And where else in the world are you going to have a supply list that looks something like this:


  • 400 toilet paper rolls
  • 250 empty M&M containers
  • 5 rolls of Gaff tape in fluorescent yellow
  • Where’s Waldo costume
  • 4 pounds of grapes
  • 17 skateboards
  • 47 extra-large moving boxes
  • 2 tons of sand
  • 1 partridge in a pear tree


I’m sure I’ve forgotten something on that list, but I tried to make it pretty representative of common VBS supplies. Ha!

Whether it’s stage decorations or rotation supplies that you’re after, every VBS leader has two challenges to overcome on this elusive hunt: finding the right quantities and finding them for the right price!

We wanted to put together a list of websites that may be helpful in procuring your VBS supplies. Here are a few sites that you may or may not have checked before.


1. S&S Worldwide

From furniture to crafts supplies, this site has just about everything you can imagine for really affordable prices. If you need it for VBS, they have it!

2. Save on Crafts

Another great option for affordably-priced crafts supplies. We’ve used this source for centerpieces and items related more to décor previously, and we’ve been impressed with the quality and prices. When you’re planning out your volunteer training or appreciation events, this site could be particularly helpful!

3. Discount School Supply

This is probably already in your bookmarks for sites to check. And if it’s not, it should be! They have pages and pages of backdrops, crafts, giveaways, and all kinds of VBS-related items as well as incredible resources for your Sunday morning programming.

4. Guildcraft Arts & Crafts

Everything you could possibly need to do any crafts related to VBS can be found at Guildcraft. No matter which VBS program you’re using, you’re sure to find items related to the theme here.

5. Bethel House Media

When you’re ready to get the word out about your VBS program, look no further! Bethel House Media has everything related to VBS marketing that you can think of. Yard signs, banners, postcards . . . it’s all here!

6. Oriental Trading

Surely this one isn’t a surprise, but no list of websites to check for VBS supplies would be complete without Oriental Trading. Whether you’re after giveaways, prizes, store items, or anything else under the sun, be sure to check for deals at Oriental Trading.

7. Shindigz

Looking for gigantic cutouts of microscopes or trains or any other random objects? Then this is where to look. Shindigz specializes in oversized cutouts and other stage decorations. If you’re planning any type of photo booth for your small groups or for families at the end of VBS, then you’ll definitely find great inspiration here as well!

8. Amazon

Surprisingly, I can sometimes forget to check Amazon for supplies from time to time. Pricing isn’t always the best, but once you factor in free shipping for Amazon Prime products, it can sometimes beat the competition. And it’s definitely the best place to find wacky stage prizes as well as bulk quantities of VBS supplies.

9. Sam’s Club or Costco

Even if you don’t have a Sam’s Club, Costco, or other warehouse store in your area, you can still use your membership to get great pricing on bulk quantities of paper products, snacks, and basic crafts supplies. Another great item to find here is organizational VBS supplies—bins, crates, and rolling carts!


Did we miss any other great websites? Share with us! For more ideas on supplies, planning hacks, and more, check out or VBS Facebook Group!  We’d love to hear where you get your supplies.

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