5 Easter Activities For Families This Year

Explore 5 Easter Activities for Families: From interactive storytelling to creative crafts, discover ways to make this holiday meaningful and memorable for your family. Dive into engaging resources that celebrate hope and the Easter story together. Start planning your Easter celebration today!

Holidays are often hectic for families, leaving parents feeling overwhelmed by the idea of planning and celebrating a holiday meaningfully. With stuffed schedules and burgeoning to-do lists, parents everywhere are often searching for easy, uncomplicated ways to celebrate Easter. 

Your church has a unique opportunity to support families in celebrating hope and experiencing this anticipated holiday with intention. Here are some ways to help families celebrate Easter and form lasting memories together:

Easter Jam
This free event kit gives churches the tools they need to plan, promote, and host a family Easter experience! Each kit includes planning files, marketing materials, games, graphics, production files, and more. You can add on the Easter Jam media and graphics package, which includes video elements, music, additional graphics/marketing pieces, and so much more!

Easter Story Activity Kit
The Easter Story Activity Kit gives families a tangible way to celebrate hope this Easter. The kit takes families through an age-appropriate re-telling of the Easter story. It includes a printed booklet and an activity that serves as a visual reminder that even when things seem dark, something good can happen.

The Easter Story book
The Easter Story book introduces preschoolers to key truths about the Easter story. Beautifully illustrated, the 16-page board book is written in an engaging, easy-to-understand rhyme, beginning with the Lord’s Supper and progressing through Jesus’ breakfast on the beach with the disciples. This book is also included in our board book bundle

Yay Jesus! Pennant
Celebrate Jesus with your preschoolers with these “Yay Jesus” Pennants! These pennants, perfectly sized for small hands, give your preschoolers something to hold onto or hang on the wall to celebrate Jesus this Easter!

It’s the small things that often mean so much to overwhelmed parents, and a roundup like this might be just the thing they need to start thinking about how to celebrate Easter with their families. You can find the entire Easter collection right here

A Kids Ministry Volunteer’s Guide to Easter
What you say, in the moment, can be said better if you anticipate what you’re going to say (or not say).

The Easter season presents some pretty great opportunities to have critical discussions with the preschoolers and elementary kids we lead. In these phases, kids are ready to engage in discussions about the power of God and the hope we have because of Jesus. This simple, two-sided conversation guide made for volunteers can be a great companion as they prepare for both the expected – and unexpected – conversations they’ll be facilitating at church this Easter. 

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