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3 Ways to Leverage The Chosen in Student Ministry

You want to tell the story of Jesus. The Chosen does, too. So, why not work together?

Chances are, you’ve heard of The Chosen. But just in case, here’s a short and sweet introduction: it’s the first multi-season TV show about Jesus and the folks who followed him. 

And you should know this, too: it’s been watched by over 200 million people.               

We’re not sharing that stat to toot our own horn; we’re sharing it simply to point out that people all around the world are deeply connecting with this show—that something about the way the story of Jesus is being told in The Chosen is allowing the story to be known and embraced in ways that are unprecedented. 

Want to leverage that? 

Here are three ways you can.       

Leverage The Chosen to Show the Story

Younger generations—really, all generations at this point—want to see a story unfold, rather than read it. We can quibble with (and even grieve) this reality, but it is reality. And The Chosen has chosen to show a story—the story—in a way that critics and crowds agree is stunningly moving. 

You have an opportunity to let your students see Jesus laugh. To see him cry. To see his righteous anger. To see him heal lifeless limbs, dimmed eyes, and diseased skin. To see him welcome the prodigals. We know this first point of leverage on the list is an obvious one, seeing as we’re talking about a TV show. But given the cultural moment we’re in—and the challenges such a moment brings—we don’t want to ignore the simple and powerful fact that a television show shows and that goes a long way with emerging generations. 
Like you, we want to help your students see the Story. It’s why Come and See has made every single episode is available to for church leaders to show for free via the Chosen app. Visit to get episodes and more.

Leverage The Chosen to Discuss the Story

It’s one thing to show the story of Jesus to your students; it’s another thing to talk about what you just saw. There’s simply no better way to grab hold of understanding and to map out any sort of application. It’s one thing to see Jesus cry; it’s another to ask and answer why he cried—and to explore what his tears might mean for today. It’s one thing to see Jesus stare down the religious leaders. But what is it about them and their ways that makes him so angry? And is a bit of their spirit alive and well in even you and me? It’s one thing to see Jesus heal. But why does he heal some and not others? Why doesn’t he heal me

Every single episode of The Chosen leaves your students with the biggest, most important questions that need exploring—questions about God, life, and everything in between. 

After the last credit rolls, you and your leaders will have an opportunity to leverage The Chosen to host the kinds of conversations you went into ministry to have. And hey—you don’t have to go it alone. We’re not only giving you every single episode of The Chosen for free; we’ve got free discussion guides over in The Chosen Resource Hub, powered by Gloo.

Leverage The Chosen to Study the Story 

Last one. It’s one thing to show the story of Jesus to your students and to talk through what you just saw; it’s a whole other thing to study the Story—to rummage around even further in Scripture and history. 

We know that the conversations you’ll have with your students are going to leave them curious about—well, you name it: what life was like in ancient Israel; who the Pharisees were and what made them so cantankerous with Jesus; why the Sabbath was a big deal; how Roman occupation was so oppressive; the significance of this village or that town; which Scripture inspired what scene. 

We’ve seen it over and over: The Chosen has the power to make anyone of any age want to dig deeper into the Bible. 

Leverage that! Show an episode, host a lively discussion, and keep that discussion going with additional group study. And once again—you don’t have to go it alone. Right alongside those free episodes and free discussion guides, The Chosen Resource Hub has free Bible Roundtable videos you can show that feature fascinating, educational conversations between Dallas Jenkins, the creator of The Chosen, and a trio of biblical scholars from different backgrounds. 

Also available: free Bible-reading plans you can tell the students about that combine the best of The Bible Project—those folks are great, aren’t they?—with the best of The Chosen

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