10 Reasons I Attend Rethink Leadership Every Year

If you are a senior, lead, executive or campus pastor and have not signed up yet for Rethink Leadership, what are you waiting for?! For my money, it is as good a three days as Christian leaders can get in terms of their own development.

But if you’re on the fence, the following are 10 reasons I attend Rethink Leadership and you should too:

  1. It Gives Me A Chance to Meet You – I will be live-blogging all of the sessions from Rethink Leadership. Make sure you track me down; I would love to meet you in person and say, “Hello!”
  2. Carey Nieuwhof – Everything rises and falls on leadership. In my opinion, Carey is currently the best teacher on the subject of leadership in the world. As the architect of Rethink Leadership, he has created what I feel is the best conference a senior pastor and executive pastor can attend. More on why I feel this way is below. If you are not already subscribed, click HERE for access to his leadership blog and podcast. They are both incredible!
  3. Reggie Joiner – Once again, everything rises and falls on leadership. Reggie is the Founder and CEO of Orange. Few people understand how to connect with children, youth and the next generation better than this incredible leader. Every time Reggie speaks, I learn.
  4. The Most Relevant And Practical Content Available For Pastors – When I first started attending Rethink, it was an Orange breakout session attended by about 35-50 people. I told Carey, “This is the best, most practical, most relevant content of any conference I attend in America.” The only thing that has changed is the size of the crowd. Now over 500 senior church leaders will hear the best, most practical, most relevant content of any conference I attend in America.
  5. Intimate Gathering of Senior Pastors and Executive Pastors – As I mentioned, Rethink is limited to senior and executive pastors. There are no other staff or volunteers in attendance. This creates a unique dynamic in the room. These are high-level conversations. Significant issues are being addressed. Tangible ministry movement is happening.
  6. Creative Presentations – Rethink Leadership is delivered TED-Talk style. So be prepared to listen fast. Speakers go for 15 minutes and firehose you with content. You will never get bored. And if you miss something, don’t worry. I’m live blogging it and capturing the content for you.
  7. Peer-to-Peer Learning – Attendees are seated at tables. After a series of talks, Carey then provides discussion questions for each table. Facilitated by pre-selected table leaders, you have an opportunity to learn best practices from other growing, competent leaders just like you.
  8. Humor – While the sessions for senior and lead pastors at Rethink Leadership is intense, the main sessions of Orange Conference just flat-out make me laugh and have fun. The speakers and presentations are so creatively done that it drives home the lessons in a way I never forget.
  9. Jeff Henderson, Dan Reiland and Brad Lomenick – These three individuals are some of the smartest Christian leaders and ministry practitioners in the world. Whenever they speak, everyone gets smarter. They are brilliant in multiple areas but the following stick out: Jeff on preaching and communicating; Dan on church and organizational structure and management; and Brad on the next generation and dealing with success. They are also three great friends who I can’t wait to see again.
  10. The Best Tools and Resources – Orange simply provides the best children’s resources available. Make sure you budget some funds to pick up quality resources while there.

If you have not decided to attend yet, I can’t do any better than that in explaining why Rethink Leadership and Orange Conference is a must-attend event! Click HERE for more information. I hope to see you there!


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