Inspire an everyday faith in every student.

The Faith Skills Experience Kit from Orange gives you daily devotionals and weekly devotional experiences to help students in your youth ministry engage with their faith, everyday.

How do you help students grow in their faith every day of the week?

A growing faith shouldn’t depend on one hour of the week. Instead, give students a deeper daily and weekly devotional experience.

1. Practice the Four Faith Skills: Hear, Pray, Talk, and Live.

2. Get Daily Devotionals to discover and apply biblical truth.

3. Grow in community with activities, questions, and weekly experiences.

Develop habits for a lasting faith.

The most effective way to retain information is to actually do something to apply the information you learn. By centering around the Four Faith Skills, you’ll move students forward by helping them process and practice the essentials of an everyday faith.

The Four Faith Skills


Hearing from God through God’s Word and creation.


Talking to God.


Living in a way that honors God.


Talking with others about our faith.

Crafted by Ministry Leaders, Student Development Experts, and Students

Select experiences designed specifically for Middle School or High School to be sure you’re engaging your students with developmentally appropriate content.

Everything you need to engage students inside and outside of your weekly program.

With each week of the Faith Skills Experience Kit, you’ll get seven Daily Devotionals and one Weekly Experience Guide, including a Leader Guide and Participant Guide, to help students process and practice the Four Faith Skills together in community.

Daily Devotionals on YouVersion

Weekly Experience Guide

Community Based Experiences

Create the experience wherever students are.




What are people saying?

Hear from ministry leaders who love the Faith Skills Experience Kit.

"I can't wait to see how this helps us continue to grow our students’ faith outside of our gathering. If Covid has taught us anything, it is our great need to resource students between our ability to gather!"
Junior High Pastor
Willow Creek Community Church
"What I have loved most about the Faith Skills Experience Kit and Daily Devotionals for our youth ministry is that it is "everyday-intentional" and "every-way-personal". These resources have equipped me and my leaders in taking our discipleship strategy into an entirely new and more personal level with our students."
Pastor of Student Ministries
GFN Church
"This is exactly what our students need. I always try to find resources to help them grow their faith outside of the Sunday night experience."
Director of Student Ministries
Covenant Church
"The Faith Skills Experience Kit provided the opportunity, space, and language for students to act or live out the Scripture that they were reading. The action step helped groups dive deeper and connect the words written in Scripture to their lives in a tangible way."
Group Life Pastor
Willow Creek Community Church

One Part of A Comprehensive Ministry And Discipleship Strategy

For Your Weekly Program
XP3 Curriculum and Strategy

Build a youth ministry program that partners with parents and engages students in small groups, all while spending your own time where it matters most.

For A Student's Everyday Faith

Faith Skills Experience Kit

Engage students inside and outside of your program while helping them develop the daily skills to grow their own faith.

For a Yearly Challenge
28-Day Devotionals

Devotionals that give students a challenge throughout the year and provide a new opportunity to practice the four faith skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you’ll need to buy each “season” of the Faith Skills Experience Kit separately. A season consists of 12-weeks of content, designed to complement the seasons released quarterly in XP3 curriculum. You can access these seasons and teach them alongside your XP3 curriculum, or use them as standalone experiences whenever you like! 

No! You can purchase the Faith Skills Experience Kit which includes Daily Devotionals AND Weekly Devotional Experiences whether you write your own curriculum or use a different curriculum. The experience gets even better when you align it with your weekly program and XP3 curriculum, but you’re getting a complete and innovative experience no matter what! 

Our devotional strategy gives students an every day devotional, an every week experience, and a yearly challenge. The weekly experience is really what makes our strategy more than just devotional. Like so many other skills, discipleship takes practice—and the best way to practice almost anything is together. With great devotionals and a weekly interactive experience, you’ll help students develop a faith that goes with them anywhere. Learn about our devotional strategy here. 

Each season of the Faith Skills Experience Kit gives you 12 weeks of content, covering 4 unique topics. A season costs $120 in the Orange Store (that’s only $10/week!). Seasons are released quarterly on June 1, September 1, December 1, and March 1. 

Devotional experiences are interactive and help students apply what they’re learning in their daily devotionals. Here is a list of sample devotional experiences:

  • Silent Auction: High schoolers will have the opportunity to participate in a “Silent Auction.” You’ll give high schoolers a certain amount of “money” to “bid” on things they love. After, they’ll have the chance to process the experience and their feelings toward money and the things they want. 
  • Life Map: High schoolers will have the opportunity to identify the different areas where life is taking place for them. They’ll create their own “life map” and identify how these areas affect their identity, purpose, and belonging. 
  • Serving Experience: Middle schoolers will have the opportunity to talk about serving. Then, they will actually experience serving together in their church or community. After the serving experience, they will process the experience with a series of questions. 
  • Reading a Narrative: Middle schoolers will look at a narrative in the Bible together. After they read, they will have the opportunity to discuss the narrative as a group while taking on the perspective of a different person in the narrative. 
  • A Walk In Creation: Middle schoolers will go for a walk or a hike with a scenic view. Once they reach the scenic view, they will listen to a collection of songs while intentionally observing God’s creation around them. After this experience, they’ll have the chance to process how they best connected with God through this experience with a series of guided questions.

Yes, absolutely! The Faith Skills Experience Kit is a great solution for leaders looking for content for a second program or midweek gathering, or looking for a devotional experience that can stand alone. Many leaders use the Faith Skills Experience Kit for their weekly Sunday School, while using XP3 curriculum for  their main program. 

You can try the Faith Skills Experience Kit totally free by clicking the Try Free button. You’ll get a 3-week devotional experience with free access to a Launch Kit when you buy your first season to get started. The Launch Kit includes a 5-week curriculum series, Habits, which is the perfect series to cast vision to your students and motivate them to want to pursue an everyday faith. There is a middle school version and a high school version of this series.

Yes! We create these Daily Devotionals to sync with every XP3 series you teach. That way, you’re reinforcing the truth you teach in your program with what your students are reading every day. To give the best experience, we’ve made these Daily Devotionals available on YouVersion for all. When you purchase the Faith Skills Experience Kit, you’re investing in a complete devotional experience, in addition to the publicly accessible YouVersion devos available for free online. 

The Faith Skills Experience Kit is the new, reimagined replacement for  XP3 Expansion Packs. It’s still designed to be completed in a small group setting or individually by students, built to perfectly complement the XP3 curriculum, and constructed around the Four Faith Skills. With the new Faith Skills Experience Kit the content is centered around the devotionals to create a great experience for students, even if they miss youth group every week.  

The Faith Skills Experience Kit is designed with many different contexts in mind so that you can meet your students where they are—whether that’s in-person, digitally, or a combination of both. It can be completed anywhere, led by students or leaders, or at home with their families.

Ready to get started?