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Make A Difference In Middle Schoolers’ Lives

If we want to actually reach middle schoolers with the words we speak, then the way we say them matters a whole lot.

Engage Middle Schoolers In A Way They Will Remember

Effectively Share The Message That Matters Most

Inspire Middle Schoolers To Pursue An Everyday Faith

Don’t Just Hope Students Get the Message

Teaching middle schoolers about faith and life can be hard.

  • How do we get them to care about what we’re saying to them?
  • How do we help them connect the dots between what we’re teaching and why it matters for them right now?

It can be really challenging, but we keep going because the message we have for middle schoolers is too important for them to miss.

In Communicating to Middle Schoolers, you’ll be challenged to develop and deliver messages that stick so you make a difference in students’ lives.

If you've ever stood on a stage while a middle schooler...

  • pulled a pickle out of their sock during your talk
  • pretended to be a snake, slithering through the rows of chairs as you spoke
  • would simply not stop talking to others around them

…then you know how difficult it can be to communicate both in a way this group understands AND keeps their attention.

But difficult doesn’t mean impossible.

After nearly 20 years as a teacher, sports coach, and youth pastor, Ashley Bohinc shares the unique mix of art and science that has helped her keep the attention of thousands of middle schoolers.

Each time you teach a middle schooler, expect the unexpected.

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Looking for a way to help middle schoolers better understand your message?

This Cheat Sheet provides one way to break down words, idioms, and common Christian phrases in a way that makes sense to most middle schoolers.

Download yours today for free and start communicating more effectively with middle schoolers!

Communicating to Middle Schoolers will help you...

  • Know and better understand middle schoolers, culturally and developmentally
  • Learn how to develop messages that middle schoolers can absorb and connect with
  • Prepare your delivery in ways that work for you as the communicator and engage your students
  • Learn how to create teaching and feedback teams so you’re not doing it alone
  • Reflect on your current practices and plan the next steps for your situation

With practical strategies and tips you can start using this week, Communicating to Middle Schoolers will help you connect with your students on stage, in the classroom, and anywhere else you might find yourself speaking to preteens and junior high students.

Meet the Author

Ashley Bohinc

Ashley has worked with middle schoolers as a school teacher, soccer coach, youth pastor, and volunteer small group leader for the 20 last years. She’s also spoken to thousands of students worldwide through curriculum, online videos, and events. Now, Ashley serves as the Director of Middle School Strategy at Orange. She co-authored The Art of Group Talk: How to Lead Better Conversations With Teenage Girls to help youth workers communicate one-on-one and in small groups. Now, in Communicating to Middle Schoolers, Ashley is helping you confidently speak to large groups of middle schoolers in a way they will hear, care understand, and remember

Praise for Communicating to Middle Schoolers

"After 40 years of communicating to middle schoolers―sometimes from a stage, weekly in my small group―I'm still learning… This book reminded me of core essentials and pushed me to experiment with approaches that are new to me."
"There are few things in ministry that get me more excited, and more nervous, than speaking to middle schoolers… Read this book, take notes, and prayerfully insert some of your learnings the next time you prepare a lesson for young teens… you'll be glad you did!"
―KURT JOHNSTON, Saddleback Church
"Communicating to Middle Schoolers gives vision on why this content matters, and it also provides practical application on how to get it done in ways that are fun and engaging… Every middle school speaker needs to read this book!"
―MEGAN BAGNALL, Willow Creek Community Church